Local Solar Expertise: Permits, Crews and Customer Satisfaction

As solar power and solar panels have continued to rise in popularity over recent years, more and more people are aware of this technology and its benefits. Demand is increasing around the country, and the solar market has largely split in a similar way to many other home services: Local and national providers.

At Intermountain Wind & Solar, while we operate in five states on the western side of the US, we’re proud to operate primarily as a local company – just with five distinct arms. Our solar services in each state, from Utah to Oregon, are carried out by local professionals who run their own branches independently, maintaining all the characteristics you need in a local solar installer. Why does it pay to have this sort of local expertise available to you for solar panel installation, maintenance and long-term value? This two-part blog will go over several areas.

Local Construction Knowledge

As anyone who has installed solar panels on their property is well aware, this process requires more than simply slapping some panels up on the roof. First, you have to ensure you have the proper permits and are meeting state and local guidelines, which include safety and other areas.

This generally involves filling out some paperwork, and might involve some distinct specifics based on your area. This is why using professionals with local knowledge is so important – we’re familiar with all the local requirements for any solar needs, and we have tons of experience securing permits and submitting paperwork. We’ve also worked with numerous HOAs in your area, and we might even have specific experience with your HOA if you’re part of one. You will not get this same level of expertise from a cookie-cutter national installer.

Customer Retention

One reality of local professionals in any industry, not just solar: They care more about customer satisfaction and retention than national chains. For a huge national conglomerate to lose a single customer is no big deal; for our local team, losing any client is something we consider a major issue. This is why we work incredibly hard to meet your every need, from meeting deadlines and appointments to providing you with the very best expertise and labor for all your solar desires.

Local Crews

As we noted above, our separate cells in each state employ full-time local solar installation crews dedicated to the area. Solar power installation needs often vary depending on location, with factors like sun exposure and direction playing an important role, and full-time local crews know all the ins and outs here. In addition, local crews hire members of your community and provide well-paying jobs, meaning you’re investing in your own community by working with them.

For more on the value of working with local professionals for your solar panel installation, or to learn about any of our solar power services, speak to the staff at Intermountain Wind & Solar.

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