Making the Switch to Off-Grid Solar Power

Living the off-grid solar power lifestyle doesn’t require you to sacrifice comfort.

In fact, the energy independence and cost savings far outweigh the small changes you may need to make. And even if you aren’t tied to the municipal power grid, you can still enjoy all the modern conveniences and luxuries you’re used to.

You just have to prepare properly.

Learn All You Can About Off-Grid Solar Power

Because going off the grid will require some changes, it’s important that you don’t jump in blind.

Start by reading articles and blogs about off-grid solar living. Next, seek out others who have already gone off the grid, and pick their brains. You may be able to learn from their mistakes. Knowledge is your best friend, so soak up all of the information you can.

One word of warning: Don’t assume that everything you read online is accurate or based in fact. Make sure your sources of information are reliable.

That’s why, when planning your off-grid solar array, consulting with an experienced photovoltaic contractor is advisable. The experts at Intermountain Wind & Solar have helped many homeowners throughout Idaho and Utah go off the grid. We can design and install a photovoltaic system that will meet your needs and keep you living in comfort.

Keep Off-Grid-Solar Power Reference Material

To prepare for the move off the grid, you’ll likely spend time learning from renewable energy websites and reference materials.

Your local library and the internet offer a wealth of tips and ideas, but it may be difficult to keep it all in your head. It’s better to keep a few reference books on hand, and print out the most helpful information guides you find during your research.

When you go off the grid, you may not have reliable internet access, at least until your system is fully up and operating. So you won’t always be able to look up how to fix issues — that’s why it’s best to keep hard copies of reference materials.

Take Care of Your Off-Grid Solar Power System

Moving off the grid is an investment in your future as well as the gold standard of energy independence. To ensure that you save the optimal amount of money and maintain a reliable flow of energy, you must take care of your photovoltaic panel array and equipment.

When you purchase from a reputable solar installer, you will get an extensive equipment warranty. And if you maintain your solar power system according to the manufacturer’s and installer’s directions, you can help avoid extra costs down the line.

Also ensure that you take care of your battery bank, backup generator and other components, and they will continue to provide reliable service for many years.

For more information on making the switch to true energy independence and free power generation, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar. We are based in Utah, and serve customers throughout the Intermountain West. We look forward to assisting you in making the transition to off-grid solar power.

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