Mobile Solar Power Solutions

Mobile solar power has many uses for individuals as well as for industry. Whether you plan to spend a week camping in the desert with your family or you just want the security of being prepared in an emergency, you can find a solution that’s the perfect size and scope for your needs. Mobile solar comes in all shapes and sizes, from hand-held portable generators to trailer-mounted systems and everything in between.

Solar Power Systems for Recreational Use

Whether you have a large motor home or a modest tent trailer, you can choose the perfect photovoltaic system to meet your needs. If you plan to take a trip in your RV, do you really want to tote around a generator and all the fuel you’ll need? Of course not! With a roof-mounted PV solar power system, you’ll never have to worry about loud, smelly generators again. Portable solar generators can even be used for wilderness tent camping. Capable of powering your entire campsite, you’ll never be in the dark. Are you more of a glamper? Power your TV, game system and camp stove with solar. And if your vehicle battery dies, never fear, solar technology is here!

Trailer-Mounted Solar Generators

Trailer-mounted solar panels are ideal for construction projects, charging cell phones and other electronic devices, agricultural applications and special events. Many caterers rely on their trailer-mounted power systems to keep food warm or cold. This approach is highly preferable to traditional generators, which are extremely loud and produce noxious fumes that could ruin a special event. For festivals and arts fairs, mobile PV systems can provide power to vendor booths, concession stands and portable restroom facilities. In the construction industry, many contractors use their PV panel trailer for double duty, adding locking tool storage and even small, portable office features.

Emergency Energy Systems

Although no one wants to think about disaster, experts agree that it’s wise to be prepared. Mobile solar is ideal in the event of a natural disaster or similar situation, where traditional fuel may not be available or accessible to run a generator. Trailer-mounted PV systems can be used to support critical systems such as medical equipment, cooling or heating systems and refrigerators or freezers. During recent intense wildfires, emergency personnel used solar generators to provide light for medical personnel so they could triage and tend to the injured. When storms threatened the critical supplies at a local food bank, a mobile PV system came to the rescue again, powering the freezers and coolers until power could be restored.

At Intermountain Wind and Solar, we know that portable PV generators can be a lifesaver in serious situations, and they make your vacation or wilderness getaway safer and more fun. We custom design and build portable and trailer-mounted solar generating systems of all sizes and scopes. Contact us today and let us help you get started with your own mobile solar power system.

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