Mobile Solar Trailers

Mobile solar generators can be mounted today on many types of vehicles. Common uses include both commercial and personal applications of virtually any scope, from disaster response to family outings in the wilderness. Although recreational vehicles and commercial transports are popular conveyances for alternative power generators, trailer-mounted generators offer the most versatility and scalability to meet your needs.

Mobile Solar Applications

The use of solar energy systems for RV power is growing in popularity. Scalable and flexible, photovoltaic panels can power anything from a small pop-up trailer to a luxury bus or fifth wheel. In the transportation industry, photovoltaic energy is used to power lift gates, cool large passenger vehicles, and to extend the delivery range of refrigerated transport trailers. Solar generators are also used by the military and in school buses. Arguably the most versatile application for these generators is custom trailers.

Trailer-Mounted Solar Generators

Trailers of all sizes can be outfitted with photovoltaic panels and a battery bank that is scaled to fit your needs. Unlike a gas-powered generator, solar equipment produces no noxious fumes or noise. In disaster situations, gasoline, propane or diesel fuels may be not be available. Able to generate a significant amount of power with input only from the sun, trailer-mounted solar generators are perfect for any situation in which a traditional generator is impractical or impossible to use.

Uses for Mobile Solar Trailers

Trailer-mounted photovoltaic generators are used in both commercial and personal applications. Disaster response teams use these power plants on wheels to operate medical equipment and critical communications systems. Solar trailers are used for special events to power lighting, sound equipment and concessions. They are used in agricultural, ranching and construction applications as well, wherever traditional electricity is unavailable. For personal use, PV generators are perfect for camping, but you can use it as backup power for your home as well, with the addition of a dedicated circuit and transfer switch. Solar systems can be mounted on small 6-8-foot trailers for easy transport. If you want to transport more than just the PV panels and battery bank, try a 10-12-foot trailer instead to haul camping gear, tools or equipment.

Intermountain Wind and Solar designs and builds G.O.O.D. wagons (Get Out of Dodge), multipurpose mobile solar generators. From the compact 10-17 model to the full-scale functionality of the 10-77 dual axle model, these mobile solar generating stations will be there when and where you need them.

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