Obama Commits to Aid Development of Solar Energy Industry

Solar energy development is finally getting the hand it needs from the government. Different states have varying laws regulating solar power, and individual states can provide tax credits for investing in solar panels as well. But federal tax credits are also available to those interested in solar panel installation. Currently, taxpayers may claim up to 30 percent of installation costs for solar energy systems. At a recent speech at Hill Air Force Base in Ogden, Utah, President Barack Obama spoke out in favor of solar energy, and announced the federal government’s intention to train 75,000 people, including veterans, to work in the industry.

Military to Set Example

“We’ve got to lead by example, invest in the future, (and) train our workers for good, new jobs in the clean-energy economy,” Obama said. Solar panels fuel 20 percent of energy usage at Hill Air Force Base, one of 10 military bases across the country that will host training programs for members of the military who are preparing to leave the armed forces. Obama said he believed this was a win-win-win situation, since this type of job training would help the economy, the job market for veterans and the planet all at the same time.

Utah Is Industry Leader

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Utah is at the forefront of the clean energy industry. “[Utah] is an example of a state that has made smart investments in clean energy and has yielded great benefits for the economy,” Earnest said. The Obama Administration has expressed frustration with Washington’s slow acceptance of this economical, clean, viable energy source. Earnest said Obama’s efforts in Washington to expand solar power nationwide has met with resistance from Republican lawmakers there, even though Utah Republicans have embraced it and made it work. Not only has the progress in Utah been good for maintaining the state’s clean air and scenic vistas, it has given a boost to the economy, providing needed jobs in a burgeoning industry.

Next Big Thing

Intermountain Wind & Solar installs residential and commercial solar energy systems throughout Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. The company started small, in 2008 with only three employees, and has grown exponentially ever since. Alternative energy sources are the wave of the future — customers want solar panels not just to save money, but also to do their part in curtailing this country’s usage of and dependence on dangerous fossil fuels. For more information about how you can join the movement and save money on energy bills while earning tax credits, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today.

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