Preparing for Your Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel installation is a simple and expedient process. Not only can residential solar panels be a great way to help you save money on your utility bills, they also provide peace of mind and energy independence. If you are thinking of having a photovoltaic solar system installed at your home or business, you can help expedite the installation process by taking a few simple steps to prepare.

Make Sure Your Roof Is Clean and in Good Condition

Solar panels are designed to last for several decades, which means the roof underneath them should be able to last that long as well. If your roof needs repairs, now is the time to take care of any potential problems. At the very least, you should make sure your roof does not have any damaged shingles or leaks. Once it’s clear that this part of your home is in good shape, it’s time to make sure the area is clean and free of debris. Clear away any leaves and trim back any tree branches that might get in the way of your new solar panels. If you do not feel comfortable getting on your roof, you can hire a handyman or professional roofer to handle the work for you.

Communicate with Your Solar Installer

As you make plans for solar panel installation, experts recommend touching base with your PV system provider. This is the perfect time to verify the installation date and time, and to ask any questions you may have about the process. If your system will be installed in an alternate location, such as a pole-mounted or ground-mounted system, check what areas the installers will need to access. Verify that any necessary permits have been obtained and determine whether inspections will be necessary. In most locations, the local building inspector must verify the installation and sign off. The local power company may also need to install a new meter that is designed to work in conjunction with your PV solar system.

Schedule a Tutorial for Using Your New Solar System

To ensure you derive the most benefit from your new alternative energy generating system, ask your contractor to schedule a time to demonstrate the system’s operation. Compile a list of questions that you may have and be sure to take notes. Ask about any maintenance and warranty obligations that you may have and inquire about system troubleshooting. Finally, identify any paperwork or certifications that you may need to submit for rebates, tax credits or other incentives. In most cases, your contractor is required to certify the system’s details and installation date.

Intermountain Wind and Solar, providing solar sales and installation in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada, understands the questions that come with purchasing a new PV system. Their experienced team will be there for you every step of the way, ready to help you understand the solar panel installation process.

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