Qualities to Prioritize in a Solar Panel Installer

If you've decided to transition your home or building to solar power, you naturally want to partner with the very best in the solar industry for this process. Solar has become a very popular industry in recent decades, and as such you have a number of options for your solar power services -- how do you go about choosing the ideal solutions?

At Intermountain Wind & Solar, we offer a wide range of residential and commercial solar power services, and we're happy to see our programs compared to other solar panel companies in Utah. This is both because we want to see all prospective solar clients get the very best services to meet their needs, but also because we're quite confident that once you've done your research, you'll realize that we're the company best suited to fill those needs. When you're performing this research, what are the top qualities you should be looking for in a solar panel installation company? Here are several to ensure you're covering so you get the very best services.

Operate Locally

While there's not necessarily anything wrong with larger national corporations that provide solar panel service, the simple reality is that you aren't likely to receive the same level of personalized service with a nationwide company that you will from a local one. This is because national companies must handle many more customers and that means they need to delegate to individual employees the task of providing service.

If your region has its own services, there's no question that your solar power company should be local -- this not only ensures you'll receive the best possible personalized service, but also that your solar power company knows the terrain where your solar panels will be installed. Local companies are better equipped to understand how climate and weather conditions in your area can affect the health of your solar panels. This is especially important if you're experiencing inclement weather more often as a result of global warming -- it's best to hire a company that can give you personalized attention and is equipped to deal with such factors. A local solar power provider will better understand these risks and how to address them.

Don't forget about the importance of local support, as well. If your community has certain rules and regulations regarding solar panel installation, your solar company will be far more likely to understand and follow them if they're based in the region. These might include requirements for how far solar panels must be kept from particular types of vegetation, or rules about how visible your solar panels can be from a certain distance away.

Proper Licensure and Certification

In addition, before proceeding any further with a prospective solar panel installation company, it's important to ensure that they have the proper licensure and certification. In many cases, this will mean an electrician's license will be required, as well as other types of certifications from your local government office.

This can help ensure you're being offered solar power services from a professional who is capable of following all appropriate codes, permits, and regulations. This is especially critical if you're planning to install solar panels on a property that you or another owner will continue living in. When working with an electrician to install the equipment necessary for solar power, hiring professionals who aren't properly licensed can not only void any warranties you receive on your products, but it could also put you and others in your home at risk.

Reputation and Reviews

Once you've confirmed that a solar panel installer has the proper certifications and serves your area, you should look at the reputation they've earned. The best way to find this information is through online reviews.

A professional, successful local solar company will likely have a roster of satisfied customers that you can view and evaluate for yourself. This can be a great way to understand if their level of customer service has been effective in the past. Also, if you're signing up for solar power services, it's wise to avoid choosing providers that have many negative reviews.

Post-Installation Services

Installation of solar panels is obviously very important, but it's not the only service you'll receive from your solar panel installer. You should also look at the company's level of commitment to post-installation services such as maintenance and repair.

If you're planning to get solar panels for a home or building that isn't currently connected to the electrical grid, these services will be especially important. If your power source is interrupted, you won't be able to receive power through the traditional outlets in your home, meaning you'll need to rely on your solar panels for power. This can be especially critical if there are weather conditions or other factors that could threaten the health of your system. Make sure that your provider offers long-term protection and maintenance services so that your panels will be able to continue providing you with power through any potentially hazardous conditions.


Finally, you should be inquiring specifically about the warranties offered on products, as well as the installation process. Make sure that you understand what is covered by any warranties provided by your solar power provider.

Some solar panel installers will not offer a warranty on installation, and will instead only offer the manufacturer's warranty for any products you purchase. Just like with other types of warranties, make sure that you understand how long the service contract is in place and what exactly it covers.

For more on the qualities you should be looking for in a great solar panel installer, or to learn about any of our solar power installation or maintenance services, speak to the pros at Intermountain Wind & Solar today.

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