Rooftop Solar Power – Debunking the Myths

Though the popularity of rooftop solar power has exploded in recent years, many people are still skeptical about the benefits of installing a photovoltaic system. Numerous myths perpetuate the media, and separating fact from fiction isn’t always easy. Here, we debunk the most persistent myths about switching to solar power.

Myth: Rooftop Solar Panel Systems are Only for the Rich

Fact: Photovoltaic system costs have plunged over the last several decades, and many lucrative financial incentives are currently available. And with the wide range of financing options, people of all income levels can afford to install solar panels.

Myth: Recouping an Investment in Solar Power Takes Decades

Fact: As the prices for photovoltaic components have drastically dropped, reaching the payback point takes much less time than it did in the past. These days, homeowners typically see a return of investment in 10 years or less.

Myth: Solar Panels Only Work in Sunny, Warm Climates

Fact: To create photovoltaic power, you need UV light – which is present even in cloudy conditions. And as for warmth, that isn’t necessary for electricity generation. No matter how cold it gets outside, a photovoltaic system will continue to produce energy.

Myth: Rooftop Solar Power Systems Cause Roof Leaks

Fact: Photovoltaic system mounts include special flashing to prevent roof leaks and application of a silicone sealant ensures a watertight seal. In addition, professional contractors take every possible step during installation to keep rooftops leak-free.

Myth: Rooftop Solar Panels are Difficult to Maintain

Fact: Photovoltaic systems require very little care, as the components are designed for durability. For trouble-free operation and optimal energy production, homeowners simply need an annual inspection by a professional contractor.

Myth: Homes with Solar Panel Systems are Hard to Sell

Fact: Research shows that buyers snap up properties with photovoltaic systems up to 20 percent faster than grid-powered properties. Plus, buyers typically pay an average of $15,000 more for solar-powered homes.

Myth: Switching to Solar Power is a Complicated Process

Fact: With Intermountain Wind & Solar, the process of adopting photovoltaic power is quite simple. Our professional contractors can design a system that meets your energy needs and fits your budget, and we take care of all of the permits, paperwork and inspections. After you sign the contract, you won’t have to even lift a finger.

If you’re interested in rooftop solar power, don’t let myths deter you from making the switch. Instead, get expert advice from an experienced professional photovoltaic contractor.

An Intermountain West industry leader for over a decade, Intermountain Wind & Solar offers free, no-obligation professional consultations to homeowners in Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Oregon and Wyoming. To discuss your plans to adopt rooftop solar power, contact us today.

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