Rooftop Solar Power: Stay Safe with These Simple Tips

A rooftop solar power system can provide you with an efficient source of energy for your home, saving you money and reducing your independence on the weakening power grid.

But solar power systems produce electrical current, and electricity in any form can be dangerous if you are careless. Keep your family safe and sound by following these simple tips.

Stay Away from Rooftop Solar Power Systems

Under virtually any operating condition, rooftop solar power systems are exceptionally safe. But you should still stay off your roof. Why?

Your solar panels are pumping out hundreds of volts of electricity.

Contact with these live circuits can cause shock, burns or even death. Even if all of your wiring is properly and safely concealed, photovoltaic systems aren’t immune to electrical faults and other damage that could result in a fire. Staying away from your roof is the best way to stay safe.

Keep in mind, too, that solar panels add extra weight on your roof. Plus, the panels themselves aren’t designed to support your weight. Walking around on the roof could damage them, or you could fall.

Any way you look at it, staying off the roof is the best way to stay safe.

Know How to Turn off Your Rooftop Solar Power

If you ever need to access your roof — or even if you don’t — it’s important that you know how to disconnect the power your solar energy system is producing.

The control panel should be a clearly marked box, not unlike your electrical panel. If you can’t locate it or are unsure how to shut down the power, contact your photovoltaic installer for instructions.

If you must go up on your roof, remember that any time the sun is shining, your solar panels are generating energy. So treat every electrical circuit as if it were live, because it probably is.

It’s best to not touch the wiring or the modules in any case, as you could damage or loosen a wire or component.

Rooftop Solar Power Systems and Severe Weather Safety

Severe storms and weather events can damage structure of your roof, and in extreme cases, your rooftop photovoltaic system as well. The most common culprits are significant hailstorms and extremely high winds. Otherwise, your PV array is as impervious to the weather as your roof is.

As a precaution, you could disconnect your system in instances of extreme weather, but your solar panel system is designed to withstand bad weather, especially the types we experience in Utah.

Intermountain Wind & Solar provides a full range of alternative energy system sales, installation and service to customers in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada and Colorado. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate for adding rooftop solar power to your home or business.

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