Save Money with Bulk Solar Power Purchasing

Have you heard of bulk solar power purchasing programs? If you’re thinking of getting solar panels for your home or business in Utah, bulk solar purchasing may be just what you need. While you save money just by using solar power, buying in bulk can save you even more. Read on to find out how it works, and then consider talking to your neighbors about the possibility of buying solar panels as a group.

The Basics of Saving Money with Bulk Purchasing

Most products are cheaper when you buy them in bulk, and solar power is no exception. More specifically, the panels themselves are less expensive when you buy a lot at once, and you can save thousands of dollars by buying in bulk. Of course, you only need a finite number of panels for your own home or business, but when you and a few neighbors get installations all at the same time, you can get a large-volume discount, allowing you and your neighbors to share in the significant savings. Plus, when the installation job involves more than one home or business in one area, this can reduce the costs for everyone even further.

Other Benefits to Expect

While the money-saving aspect of bulk solar purchasing is attractive, it’s not the only benefit. Another reason to take advantage of solar projects like this is to have more support from those nearby. For example, when you involve your neighbors in the process, they might come up with questions for the installers that you would not have considered yourself. In addition, it can be easier to get any necessary permits or homeowners association approvals as a larger group than it would be as just one owner of a home or business. And if you own a Utah business, solar bulk purchasing in conjunction with other local business owners is a great way to get some PR for your company.

How to Get Started

If you think bulk solar purchasing would benefit you and your neighbors, contact a solar power contractor in your area to learn the basics. Next, talk to your neighbors and friends who live near you. Find out who is interested in installing solar panels and would like to go in on the project with you. You then need to set up a time to have each person’s roof inspected to make sure it can support the panels. At that point, ask everyone to sign a letter stating that they are committed to the process of purchasing solar in bulk. Once that’s done, you can all start reaping the cost-saving benefits.

If your friends and neighbors aren’t ready to exercise their energy independence just yet, or if you feel uncomfortable talking to neighbors about solar power, ask your contractor if they offer a bulk purchasing program themselves. In Utah, Idaho and throughout the Intermountain West, Intermountain Wind and Solar offers exactly this type of bulk purchasing program. Contact them today for more information on how you can save money on the purchase of your own solar power.

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