Should You Go Solar Now, or Wait?

Are you ready to go solar, but wonder if the timing is right?

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You’re not alone. Countless homeowners throughout the Intermountain West are debating this very issue.

Perhaps you’re waiting to see whether photovoltaic panels will become more efficient or less expensive — or both. After all, the media keeps telling us that the next big innovation in the renewable energy industry could be “right around the corner.”

While that may be true, the facts tell us that it makes much more sense to go solar now.

Go Solar Now for Maximum Savings

If you think you’ll spend less by waiting to go solar, think again. While the prices for photovoltaic modules might continue to decline slightly, equipment costs aren’t likely to drop significantly over the next several years.

What will decline, however, is the number of available financial incentives for installing your home photovoltaic system. The federal solar tax credit is slated to step down from 30 percent to 26 percent in 2020. In 2021, that number goes down to 22 percent. After that — if not sooner — the federal tax credit will be gone.

State and local tax credits, grants and rebates are also steadily disappearing. Once the lucrative financial incentives for going solar are gone, out-of-pocket costs for photovoltaic installations will increase significantly.

Go Solar Now Instead of Waiting for New Technology

Taking advantage of something now is wiser than waiting for a better opportunity that may never materialize.

Headlines touting new innovations in photovoltaic technology may tempt you to wait rather than go solar now. But realistically speaking, any new technology announced today is at least a few years and a few million dollars away from production.

And many innovative energy ideas never reach the marketplace. For that reason, waiting for more efficient photovoltaic panels really doesn’t make sense.

Go Solar Now to Establish Energy Independence

As the condition of the U.S. power grid continues to decline, the threat of cyberattack continues to grow. Even if hackers and hostile nations leave our power supply alone, a solar storm or destructive wildlife may be enough to crash the grid.

Consequently, financial benefit isn’t the only pressing reason to go solar.

Don’t let financial concerns stop you from protecting your home and family from potential threats to the municipal power supply. Many affordable financing options are available, making it possible for almost any homeowner to go solar today.

Intermountain Wind & Solar provides photovoltaic system design and installation to commercial and residential customers in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Nevada. Contact us today to learn more, because there’s never been a better time to go solar.

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