Should You Install Solar if Your Electric Bills Are Already Low?

You know that if you install a solar energy system at your home or business, you’ll save money on your monthly electric bill, but what if your monthly electric bill is already less than $110? That is the national average for residential power customers, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

If your bill is already low, you may be wondering how to justify the decision to adopt solar energy, or you may wonder whether installing a photovoltaic system even makes financial sense.

While adopting solar energy isn’t right for everyone, most people find that it offers significant savings and benefits, even if they already have low electric bills.

Adopt Solar to Reduce or Eliminate Electric Bills

Grid electricity prices have been on the rise for the last few decades.

So while you may currently have a low monthly electric bill, rates are certain to increase over the coming years. By installing photovoltaic solar, you’ll stabilize your energy costs, which will provide you with long-term savings.

In the short term, you’ll see your electric bills dramatically decrease after your system goes online. Your photovoltaic system will produce its own energy to power your home, reducing the amount of electricity you have to buy from the local utility provider.

In fact, many homeowners eliminate their monthly energy bills altogether by installing solar energy systems.

Install Solar to Add Value to Your Home

Even if your photovoltaic system doesn’t eliminate your monthly electric bills or earn you a profit, you may decide to install solar energy for another financial advantage.

Research shows that a solar installation can add significant value to your home.

Buyers are willing to pay more for a home with a photovoltaic system — up to $15,000 more than they would pay for a similar home without one — according to one study from the Department of Energy. This research also indicates that some homes with solar sell twice as quickly as those without.

Are you convinced yet that investing in photovoltaic power makes great financial sense? Contact Intermountain Wind & Solar to learn how much money you can actually save. Serving residential and commercial customers in Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and Nevada, we can show you all the benefits that will be yours once you install a solar energy system.

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Power Your Home with Solar

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