Solar Energy Installers and NABCEP Certification

Solar energy installers are multiplying quickly across the Intermountain West.

If you’re planning to make the move to photovoltaic (PV) energy, it’s important to choose a qualified photovoltaic contractor who is licensed to work in your state. Industry experts recommend looking for a professional solar installer with NABCEP certification.

solar installers NABCEP

What Is NABCEP Certification and Why Is it Important?

NABCEP stands for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, a nonprofit group committed to supporting the PV industry through impartial credentialing and certification programs.

The members of NABCEP include representatives of renewable energy organizations and educational institutions as well as state policymakers and individuals with industry expertise.

Why Is NABCEP Certification Important for Solar Energy Installers?

Certification from NABCEP is the gold standard of qualifications for photovoltaic installers.

Solar energy installers must meet specific qualifications and pass an examination in order to be certified by NABCEP. Photovoltaic contractors who don’t have certification may not have the knowledge, training and skills to successfully handle a PV installation.

Hiring a certified solar installer gives you the confidence that you’re investing in a high-quality residential or commercial photovoltaic project.

Why Should You Trust NABCEP Certification?

Getting certified by NABCEP is a voluntary. No state or federal agency compels solar installers to obtain certification.

A photovoltaic contractor with certification has gone above and beyond what’s required, demonstrating a solid commitment to maintaining quality and integrity with every solar PV installation.

A PV installer’s NAPCEP certification status helps consumers to identify the most highly capable professionals. Industry experts consider certified contractors to be the most qualified to complete residential and commercial photovoltaic power system installations.

Intermountain Wind & Solar Has NABCEP Certification

As the leading photovoltaic power provider for the Intermountain West states, our PV installation professionals are certified by NABCEP.

(Mike Allen—Cert# 032611-04 and Mike Telford—Cert# 092411-142)

And unlike some other local photovoltaic solar energy contactors, we never outsource work to independent contractors. We complete every part of every installation — from planning and design to mounting and wiring the components — with our expert in-house staff.

Many national contractors also have certification from NABCEP. However, working with a local solar installer offers several advantages. Local photovoltaic contractors such as Intermountain Wind & Solar understand the regional rules governing PV system installation — and they know all the resources and financial incentives that make your solar project as cost-effective as possible.

Intermountain Wind & Solar specializes in installing affordable and effective photovoltaic power systems for homeowners and businesses throughout the states of Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming. To schedule a free, no-hassle solar energy installation consultation, or to discuss our NABCEP certification and other qualifications, contact us today.

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