Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Solar energy is a popular topic of conversation today. Across the United States, both residential and commercial customers are finding a lot to love about this powerful form of alternative energy generation. Despite its growing popularity, however, some potential customers continue to hold out because they aren’t sure yet that a photovoltaic solar energy system is right for them. An informed consumer is a happy consumer, so read on to learn about the pros and cons of today’s solar technology.

The Pros and Advantages

The biggest advantage of today’s solar power systems is financial. The cost savings are so significant, in fact, that many individuals and businesses have turned to solar as a financial investment vehicle. Not only can you save money, you can actually see a positive return on your investment.

The next advantage is the ability to obtain true energy independence. When you reduce or eliminate your dependence on municipal utility providers, you’re no longer at the mercy of onerous rate hikes or unexpected grid failures. Solar also is quiet and clean and it’s extremely low-maintenance.

Finally, the sun’s energy is abundant, especially in the sun-kissed states of the Intermountain West. You never need worry about running out of power, because the sun will rise again tomorrow.

The Cons and Disadvantages

With today’s superior PV technology, the list of disadvantages is quickly shrinking. One challenge some customers face is the lack of roof space required for installing PV panels. In addition, if your home or commercial building has no south-facing roof space, placement may not be optimal. Fortunately, both problems can be addressed by a ground-mounted system.

Another common complaint is that battery backup for energy storage adds additional cost. While having a backup system is helpful, it’s not necessary unless you plan to install your system in a remote area where no municipal power supply is available. Otherwise, you simply select a grid-tied system without battery backup. You can always add your backup system later, once you’ve had a chance to benefit from all that free power you’re generating!

What’s the Right Answer for You?

Although every customer must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of PV technology and decide for themselves, the pros have clearly overtaken the cons today. Photovoltaic solar has become truly affordable for everyone. A variety of federal and state incentives add even more to the financial viability of alternative energy. Joining your family and neighbors for bulk purchasing can lower the price even further, allowing you to start enjoying free power in no time.

If you’re still weighing the pros and cons of installing PV panels at your home or business, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today. Serving residential and commercial customers throughout the Intermountain West and the states of Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada, they will evaluate your needs and help you understand how solar energy can benefit you.

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