Solar Energy Solutions and the New RPS Laws

Solar energy solutions are helping Americans comply with newly implemented RPS standards for energy generation. A Renewable Portfolio Standard, or RPS, is a law that requires electric companies to derive a certain amount of their energy from renewable sources, including solar, wind, geothermal and more. Although the United States has not yet adopted federal RPS laws, more than 30 individual states have adopted the standards. Many other countries around the world have approved similar standards, though they refer to them as Renewable Electricity Standards, or RES, laws. No matter what you call them, these laws benefit the public in numerous ways.

Cost Savings

One of the main advantages of RPS laws is their ability to save consumers money on their energy bills. This is because they increase competition among energy companies, which is good news for consumers looking for utility companies with the best rates. As a result, the public has access to renewable energy at prices that are more in line with energy from traditional fossil fuels. Anyone who is interested in using more natural energy sources will appreciate this.

Renewable Energy Growth

Many people in the United States are eager to find an alternative to traditional, expensive energy sources, which is why the growth of solar and wind power is so exciting. The fact that RPS laws encourage the use of renewable energy ensures that this industry will keep growing, allowing new solar plants and wind farms to develop. Even increasing incentives for homeowners and business owners to install solar panels is a step in the right direction when it comes to renewable energy growth.

Job Creation

Yet another benefit of RPS laws is the increase of jobs. For example, wind farms have created more than 10,000 jobs in states like Colorado and Nevada. Similarly, increased reliance on solar energy has led to around 55,000 new jobs in California, while Iowa boasts about 6,000 solar industry jobs. If you are interested in a career in solar or just appreciate job growth in this country, RPS laws should appeal to you.

Currently, neither Utah, Idaho nor Wyoming has implemented RPS standards. The unfortunate consumers here remain at their municipal utility providers’ mercy. Until this situation is corrected, it’s up to individual consumers to take matters in hand and install their own PV solar panel systems. Not only will solar energy provide significant savings, it will free you from the utility companies’ control and their inflated rate and fee structure.

Don’t wait for RPS standards to be adopted in your area to start saving money. Contact Intermountain Wind and Solar today to explore potential solar energy solutions for your home or business.

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