Solar Power Adoption Continues to Fuel Job Growth

Solar power isn’t just good for your bank account — it’s good for the job market, too.

In fact, solar power is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Not only has the equipment and technology become truly affordable, but consumers everywhere are saying goodbye to the municipal and private utility companies’ constant price increases and unreliability.

You could say that the solar boom has hit, and is taking off at light speed! And that, of course, means putting lots of people to work.

Why Solar Is Booming

Today’s rising demand for solar power has greatly increased the need for workers to help design, fabricate and install systems across the country. In fact, some studies have found that the solar industry employs more people than any other energy production industry.

The historically low cost of adopting solar power and the many tax incentives and rebates the government offers means that PV systems are more affordable than ever today. As more people choose to power their homes and businesses by harnessing the sun’s energy, the industry will continue its exponential growth.

Fossil Fuels: Literally the Past

Fossil fuels and the power they produce are soon going to become dinosaurs — or at least a smaller piece of the energy pie. And the more people choose to invest in renewable power sources, i.e., solar and wind, the more jobs will be created in those industries.

In fact, renewable energy creates more jobs on average than the fossil fuel sector.

But Wait, There’s More

The benefits of alternative power sources go far beyond financial gain, however. Renewable energy also:

  • Provides an inexhaustible energy supply. Sunny skies are an immense, consistent and free energy source.
  • Creates stable energy prices. With photovoltaic energy, the fuel is free and the upfront costs to installing a system are lower than ever. This makes constant utility rate hikes a relic of the past.
  • Produces a more resilient and reliable source of energy. Solar energy is immune to catastrophic failure, unlike the deteriorating municipal power grid.
  • Improves public health. Electricity production accounts for about one-third of the pollution created in the United States. This pollution has been connected to breathing difficulties, nervous system damage, cancer and heart attacks. Renewable fuel use reduces incidences of early death and total health care expenses, too.

If you are ready to join the renewable energy revolution, contact the experts at Intermountain Wind & Solar today. We design and install PV systems and solar panels throughout the Intermountain West, and we can help you make the switch to solar power!

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