The Future of Solar Energy Technologies

Switching to solar energy is no longer a fringe idea. In fact, photovoltaic solar technologies are highly competitive today with other types of energy and are expected to soon surpass them in the marketplace. It’s clear that the future belongs to alternative, independent energy and, for that reason, it’s time to consider investing in this exciting and reliable technology yourself.

Solar is a High-Growth Market

The year 2013 was pivotal for the U.S. solar market. Demand for this type of energy increased by 41 percent that year, second only to the growth of natural gas. In 2014, photovoltaic systems accounted for a whopping 32 percent of all new power capacity. Experts project a record-setting pace of PV adoption this year.

Today, the installation of PV panels on your home increases its value and salability. The National Association of Realtors reports that home buyers across the country are asking agents to include solar as a search criteria when looking for a new home. Within the next two years, NAR projects that this technology will become a “must-have” for a significant percentage of buyers.

Tax credits for homeowners, leasing and other program incentives are helping to fuel the craze, but hands down, the biggest reasons cited for making the switch are the ability to save money, generate free power and end dependence on municipal utility providers and the rapidly weakening power grid. More and more homeowners are warming to the idea of the freedom solar panels can provide.

Solar Saves Money — Lots of Money

PV panels have dropped significantly in price, reaching what experts believe is rock bottom. In 2012, John Farrell, program director for Energy Self-Reliant States and Communities, predicted that by 2020, going solar would cost less than grid electricity in most of the nation’s largest cities. To no one’s real surprise, solar is way ahead of that projection. In fact, in some areas, solar is already cheaper than utility purchased power. In many cases, installation was the only obstacle preventing PV systems from being the least expensive option. Now that those costs have dropped as much or more than the cost of equipment, the two technologies are neck-and-neck. Consider the financing options and tax credits available to you and the final roadblock falls, making solar the most economical option in many locales.

Solar is a Friend to Business

Commercial investment in PV energy has increased by 40 percent over last year as well, with large corporations like Apple, Costco and Walmart all utilizing solar energy. A 2014 Solar Energy Industries Association survey of Fortune 100 companies revealed that the top 25 have already increased their solar capacity and plan to do so again in the near future. These and other companies have reaped the benefits of alternative energy and have seen increased profit margins, thanks to the lower energy costs and incentives.

Solar Is a Free Market Product

Wise Americans want to see more free market energy solutions, and PV energy generating systems are one of the best answers. Solar is a decentralized, market-driven solution to your energy needs. Solar allows for off-grid living, security from climbing energy prices and security in the face of anticipated utility grid failures, either from natural disasters, civil unrest or computer hacking.

Solar Is Freedom

Bottom line, PV energy generating systems put the power in your hands. With a hybrid PV system installed, you are no longer dependent on anyone else for your power. Take back control of your energy needs from centralized agencies, so you can monitor your own use and live as you see fit. The future is freedom, and solar energy is a major part of that future.

If you’re ready to take control of your future, Intermountain Wind and Solar is ready to help you. Contact them today to get started, so that you too can be a part of the future of solar energy.

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