The Truth about Rooftop Solar System Maintenance

How much time and effort does rooftop solar system maintenance really require?

With all of the misinformation online, it’s no wonder many homeowners think solar panels and other photovoltaic components need a great deal of care and attention. This, however, is not the case at all.

Keeping a home PV system running strong is actually pretty easy. For the facts on rooftop solar system maintenance, read on.

Regularly Cleaning Rooftop Solar Panels Isn’t Necessary

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels really don’t get all that dirty very often.

Rain and melting snow work to wash dust away and keep the photovoltaic modules clear. And besides, the glass surface is slick, so debris usually slides off on its own. So, rooftop solar panels certainly don’t require regular cleaning.

You Don’t Need a Professional to Clean Grungy Solar Panels

On the rare occasion when photovoltaic modules have stubborn, stuck-on grime, hiring a professional for cleaning is not necessary.

Homeowners can get rid of the grunge themselves, using a squeegee or soft brush on an extension pole. However, it is important to avoid spraying cold water on warm solar panels, as that can crack the glass and violate the terms of the warranty.

Periodically Checking Rooftop Solar Array is a Good Idea

Once or twice a year, homeowners should visually check for damage or deterioration of their photovoltaic components.

Climbing up on the roof is not necessary – or recommended, for that matter. Instead, experts advise using a pair of binoculars or a drone equipped with a camera. During the inspection, look for defects, including burn marks, cracks and discolorations in the glass and loose connections in the wiring. If any damage is found, homeowners should contact a professional photovoltaic contractor and schedule immediate repair.

Annual Professional Inspections Optimize Photovoltaic Power Output

To ensure optimal performance and trouble-free home PV system operation, experts advise scheduling an annual professional inspection.

An experienced contractor can examine every photovoltaic component for issues that could affect the system’s integrity or energy output. At the same time, the data monitoring equipment can be tested to confirm the accuracy of the information it provides.

Do you have questions about rooftop solar system maintenance, photovoltaic power installation or home PV system operation? For the straight truth, you can always trust Intermountain Wind & Solar.

As the leading professional photovoltaic contractor in the Intermountain West for over a decade – and recognized on the 2018 Top Solar Contractor List – Intermountain Wind & Solar is known for providing top-notch PV system equipment, exceptional workmanship and stellar customer service.

To schedule a complimentary consultation anywhere in Utah, Nevada, Oregon, Idaho or Wyoming, or for more information on rooftop solar system maintenance, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today.

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