Tips to Keep Your PV Solar System Going Strong

Once installed, your PV solar system will continually produce electricity at nearly full capacity, as long as you ensure that the equipment is properly maintained.

Whether connected to the grid or not, these systems are designed to provide long-term, trouble-free operation. With a minimal amount of upkeep, your system will continue to provide free power and energy independence for decades.

Remove Debris and Plant Growth

Your photovoltaic solar energy system is continually exposed to the elements.

Dust, bird droppings, leaves and other debris can accumulate over time, particularly if you live in an area with little rainfall. And although we don’t recommend that our clients undertake their own rooftop maintenance, you can take steps from the ground to minimize problems.

Do you have any trees or other vegetation growing near your photovoltaic system?

By trimming back plant growth, you can prevent any shading of the solar array. But this also can help prevent leaves and debris from piling up on the panels. It prevents birds from roosting above the system and leaving their droppings behind. And in the winter, it will help prevent damage from broken branches and ice buildup on the panels.

Check the PV Solar System Components

Damage or deterioration of any of your photovoltaic modules or components can lead to reduced energy output and a loss of efficiency.

If you can obtain a clear view of your solar array, you can perform a general maintenance inspection periodically. And while you shouldn’t get on the roof, you can do this from the ground using binoculars. Some creative solar users recommend installing a webcam on the roof to provide a safe, clear view of their panel array!

What should you look for?

Examine your solar panels for defects, which can appear in the form of discoloration, burn marks, broken glass, cracks or a separation between the back of the panel and the glass at the front. Check the wiring at each component, looking for loose connections and blown fuses. Finally, inspect the cables for damage or breaks in the insulation.

If you notice any potential issues with your solar energy system, contact a qualified professional. Attempting repairs yourself isn’t safe, and it may void your system’s warranty.

Professional PV Solar System Maintenance

For most of our solar customers, we recommend having your photovoltaic system professionally evaluated and serviced every year, even if you perform your own regular inspections.

Our experienced technicians will conduct a thorough examination of every component, identifying and fixing problems that could impact the physical integrity or output of your solar energy system.

We’ll also test your data monitoring system, to ensure it’s providing reliable and accurate information about your array’s performance.

Solar energy is one of the simplest, most reliable technologies available today. But, as with any major system, a proactive approach will ensure it continues to operate properly year after year.

Intermountain Wind & Solar, serving customers in Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Utah, is the region’s No. 1 solar installation contractor for businesses and homeowners. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from a PV solar system.

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