Top Reasons (Besides the Environment) to Get Solar Panels

Most people realize the benefits of using renewable energy from the sun as a way to reduce your carbon footprint and maybe eventually even eliminate the burning of fossil fuels entirely. But there are plenty of reasons beyond just the environmental ones to consider solar panels for your home.

1: Self-Sufficiency

Getting solar energy is one of the best ways to make sure you don’t have to rely on the local power company to supply power to your home. This can be really helpful in places where things like severe weather can knock out power for days at a time, but it can also be helpful if power prices rise in the future. You won’t be at the mercy of the local power company to pay whatever price they demand for energy if you have your own way to generate unlimited energy from the sun. You can get a system that is tied to the grid but also has a battery backup for emergencies.

2: Build Anywhere You Want

Without your own way to generate power and electricity, you’re limited to building a home and living where the local power company can supply electricity. If you want to live “off the grid” you can do that with solar energy, so the places you can live are expanded from what’s possible with local power.

3: Make Money with Your Solar Energy

An average home uses about 30 kWh a day in energy, but if you have a solar system that produces more than you use, or you use less than average, you can often sell the extra energy you generate to the local power grid for them to sell to another consumer. Not only are you benefitting the environment even more (by helping others without solar energy to get power from a renewable resource), you can make some extra money from your system while saving money on your own power bill.

4: Tax Incentives

One final reason to consider solar energy for your home is the ability to get tax incentives available from both state and local government programs. These incentives will not be around forever, so right now is the time to get solar energy if that is important to you. Most programs are being phased out so the amount you can get from the program in the year 2020, and will continue to decline until they are gone within two to three years. Tax incentives can help reduce the total cost of the system so if you want to buy one, get it now before the incentives are gone.

Even if the environmental benefits are top of mind for you, there are certainly other reasons to consider solar energy as a viable alternative. Talk to Intermountain Wind & Solar today to learn how you can get it installed on your home.

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Power Your Home with Solar

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