Use Solar Energy for Effective Disaster Preparedness

Experts tell us that solar energy is one of the most effective disaster preparedness tools you can have. In today’s world, it’s important to ensure that your family’s basic needs are met in the event of a catastrophic situation, and you can be ready for anything with solar energy. After all, sunlight is a free and renewable source of energy, which makes it an excellent emergency power solution.

Read on to learn more about how the sun can help you be prepared for anything.

Solar Ovens and Water Systems

You need to eat, even in times of disaster. With a solar oven, you can use the energy from direct sunlight to heat and cook food. Many solar cookers are portable, making them practical for traveling. Others, however, are as powerful as traditional stoves and can handle the needs of an entire household.

Solar water systems are perhaps even more useful in emergencies, as people always need clean water, and ideally, hot water. These systems use a collector to turn the sun’s energy into heat, along with storage tanks to hold water. Weather can affect the production of these systems, however, so you may want to partner yours with a solar heater, to ensure you can produce enough hot water to last through any emergency.

Portable Solar Generators

With a portable solar generator, you can be ready to survive any disaster, and you can even hit the road if necessary and still be able to provide for your power needs. Solar generators capture and store the sun’s energy and can be used to charge cell phones, computers and other electronic devices.

More powerful generators can be used to power appliances or larger electronics, such as refrigerators, stoves and televisions. No matter your family’s energy needs, a portable generator can be the solution in the event of an emergency.

Going Off-Grid for Disaster Preparation

If you would like to truly be ready for the unexpected, consider going off the grid. Off-grid solar energy systems use battery banks to store the energy produced by photovoltaic panels. Installing an off-grid system means you will always have adequate power to meet your family’s long-term energy needs.

In an emergency situation, a complete, full-home system will continue to provide heating and cooling, as well as hot water and lights. And because solar power is more affordable than ever today, you can’t afford not to be ready for whatever might come your way.

Want more advice on how solar energy can benefit you in an emergency situation? The experienced professionals at Intermountain Wind and Solar can help you make the move to your own energy independence. Serving Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada, we are the Intermountain West’s premier choice for solar energy system sales and installation. Contact us today to learn more about how affordable solar energy really is.

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