Use Solar Power to Run Your House

Today, solar power allows you to easily and affordably run your entire house, letting you go off of the grid completely. Aside from the cost of the initial solar panel system installation, which is amazingly affordable today, going solar involves virtually no cost or effort at all. After all, solar energy is free, and with proper planning, an effective system can be designed to accommodate the needs of any home.

Passive Solar Power Strategies

If you are building a new home, incorporating passive solar energy techniques can easily help to make the most of the sunlight that falls on your property. The home’s orientation, roof construction and window placement can be optimized to capture and use the maximum amount of solar energy.

Existing homes can also be adapted for passive solar strategies. Homeowners can install high-performance windows and thermal insulation to trap the sun’s energy and heat. Erecting roof overhangs and placing shading elements such as trees, bushes, shutters and fences can also be quite beneficial to an off-grid system’s efficiency.

Installing a Solar Power System

Going off the grid and relying completely on solar power for your home requires you to install an active system. An active system collects sunlight through the use of photovoltaic (PV) solar panels and converts it into electricity. Solar panels are typically mounted on the roof, although ground placement may be considered if your home’s roof is not at the correct angle or inclination to take full advantage of the sun’s energy.

Designing an active PV energy-generating system that can completely power your home will involve careful consideration of your location’s climate, the number of peak sunlight hours per day and your household’s energy demands. This information will help determine your solar panel array’s size and placement, as well as your battery bank’s capacity for storing energy and the power of your backup generator.

Reducing Solar Power System Costs

The cost of installing a new PV system is extremely affordable today. To reduce the initial investment even more, try lowering your household’s energy usage. This allows you to install a smaller ― and, therefore, less expensive ― solar power array and battery bank. Now add in all of the federal and state energy-related grants, tax credits and rebates available, and you have no reason for not making the switch to your own power-generating PV system.

Relying completely on the sun’s energy to power your home will take proper planning, but it is entirely possible and very worthwhile. In addition to generating your own free power, you can establish true energy independence. No more out-of-control power bills or rate hikes, and no more being at the mercy of the unreliable municipal power grid.

If you live in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada or Idaho, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today. Our experts can provide a full evaluation of your home or business and design a system that meets all of your energy needs. If you’re ready to stop throwing money away on electric bills, let us help you make the switch to solar power!

Power Your Home with Solar

Power Your Home with Solar

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