Using the Utah Electric Utility Solar Incentive Program

State-specific solar incentive programs are designed to assist residents in adopting the newest solar power technologies in their areas. Utah’s programs are some of the best in the country, and one of these provides rebates to home and business owners for installing new PV panels. If you are considering adding an alternative energy system to your home or commercial facility, read on to learn more about the Utah Solar Incentive Program.

How Solar Incentive Programs Work

The Utah Solar Incentive Program is open to owners of both residential and commercial buildings. Utah electric companies, including Rocky Mountain Power, allow state residents to register for the lottery-based offering each year. The enrollment period traditionally begins in January and ends several weeks later. If you are accepted into the program, you have to send in a deposit to reserve your rebate (about $100 for residential properties). If you have a commercial property, your deposit requirement is $20 multiplied by your solar system’s AC rating (a complex calculation your solar provider can explain and provide). Once you have the system installed, you get your deposit back along with your rebate.

Calculating the Amount of Your Rebate

The amount of your rebate depends on a few key factors, including the size of your system, how efficient your panels are, the direction they face, their shading and their azimuth or orientation angle. The range for rebates is between 70 cents and $1.15 for each system watt. More specifically, residential solar panel installation results in $1.15 per watt, with a maximum limit of $4,600. The solar incentive for small commercial projects is 90 cents per watt, with a maximum of $22,500, while large commercial projects are eligible for 70 cents per watt, up to 1,000 kW.

How to Qualify for the Rebate Program

If you wish to take part in this program, you must be a resident of Utah with a utility company account in good standing. Complete the application and follow the instructions listed on the utility company’s website, and submit any additional requested documentation. Once you are selected to receive the rebate and submit your deposit, you must identify a contractor and have your solar power system installed at your home or small business within 12 months. If you plan to install a system for a large commercial building, you have 18 months to complete the project. In addition, you must hire a solar contractor that is licensed to do business in the state of Utah.

In addition to the Utah Solar Incentive Program, you may be eligible for a variety of other rebate and tax credit programs designed to make solar power affordable for everyone. Contact Intermountain Wind and Solar today to learn more about adding a PV solar power system to your home or business. Not only will you realize immediate savings on your power bills, you will also take the first step toward true energy independence.

Whether you plan to live completely off the grid in the future or you choose to remain tied to the municipal power system to augment your alternative energy generating system, Intermountain Wind and Solar can help you get started with solar. They are the experts in solar energy for Utah as well as Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada. Contact them today to learn how affordable solar power can truly be when you use the Utah solar incentive program.

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