Warning Signs You’re Working with a Sub-Par Solar Company (Part 1)

As with any industry, there are some great solar energy installation companies out there, and some that aren’t very good. If you are shopping around to get solar panels for your home, here are some important warning signs to look for that might tip you off to know that a company isn’t going to be very good to work with on your solar installation.

1: They are extremely aggressive with sales tactics.

Whenever you have a salesperson pressuring you to sign on the dotted line for a big purchase without giving you the time to think about it and make sure it’s the right option, it is a red flag. Solar panels are a large expense and a big decision for any homeowner, so make sure you work with a company that respects your need to think it through and doesn’t use pushy sales tactics to force you into something that might not be the right fit. Companies that offer a great product with high quality installation don’t need to be pushy, their products and service will speak for itself.

2: They send a proposal and want you to sign a contract without ever meeting someone in person.

Some solar companies operate heavily through telemarketing campaigns or online, and may even send you a proposal or try to get you to sign a contract without ever stepping foot on your property. That’s a big red flag, because the specifics of your solar installation—how many panels you need, whether you have a good place to install them, and other similar things—depend heavily on an on-site inspection and review. Some salespeople may tell you they can get all the information they need from Google Maps satellite images, but this is just not true.

Signing any contract or sending any money (for example, a deposit) without ever meeting a contractor in person could also be a warning sign for a scam, so buyer beware. It’s best to meet with the seller, have a proper inspection by someone with the right technical expertise, and provide a real proposal based on your property and your energy needs.

3: Their contract is confusing and filled with technical industry jargon they don’t explain.

You are not expected to know all the technical details of a solar installation as a homeowner, but your sales rep and technician should, and they should be able to explain it in detail in plain language. Review your contract carefully and ask questions. If they don’t answer them, they gloss over important technical details, or they use a lot of words and phrases you don’t understand, it’s either a sign of poor customer service or of a company that doesn’t know what they’re doing and can’t explain it well to you.

In part two of this blog post we’ll cover three more important red flags to look for when choosing a solar company. Call Intermountain Wind and Solar today to get a quote and learn why we’re the best choice for solar in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Wyoming.

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