Why Choosing a Local Solar Contractor Is Better

Is it better to hire a local solar contractor, or is a national photovoltaic installer a better idea?

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A handful of large, national contractors handle the lion’s share of photovoltaic installations across the country. This isn’t surprising, since the industry behemoths have much larger marketing budgets and brand recognition.

However, working with a professional local or regional photovoltaic contractor offers several advantages.

Local Solar Contractors Understand Regional Rules and Conditions

Photovoltaic installation regulations vary widely across the United States. Each city or municipality has its own set of rules that govern permitting, connection and inspection.

In addition, weather patterns and climate conditions vary significantly across the country. No two states have the same solar energy potential. Because regional installers have a full understanding of your area’s weather conditions, these solar contractors are better equipped to design a photovoltaic system that optimizes your solar energy potential.

Local and regional photovoltaic contractors are familiar with the challenges for solar installations in your geographic area. As a result, a regional solar contractor can expedite your applications and inspections, providing you with more comprehensive service.

Local Solar Contractors Maximize Your Savings

Naturally, you want to save as much money as possible on your photovoltaic system installation.

The most significant financial incentive available today is the 30 percent federal solar tax credit. It’s safe to say that every professional contractor knows about this benefit.

But state and local tax credits, rebates and grants can reduce your investment costs even more. National contractors may not be aware of all of the specific financial incentives offered in your area.

A local solar contractor is intimately familiar with all of the incentives available, helping you to keep your costs down and maximizing your solar savings.

Local Solar Contractors Provide a Superior Customer Experience

Large national companies focus on quantity over quality. The more photovoltaic installations, the better, because it’s all about the bottom line.

With a local solar contractor, however, the focus is on quality and customer satisfaction. Smaller, regional photovoltaic companies thrive on their reputation and referrals from satisfied customers. This means that a local or regional solar installer will work hard to ensure your satisfaction.

Regional installers also provide continuity of service. The same professional team who designs your photovoltaic system also installs it and will be there if you need further assistance down the road.

National contractors, on the other hand, frequently outsource their installation jobs. So if you experience any problems, you’ll be forced to deal with multiple companies to arrive at a solution.

Intermountain Wind & Solar specializes in serving customers in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada. We are confident that, by working with us, you will appreciate the many advantages of choosing an expert local solar contractor. Contact us today to schedule a free renewable energy estimate for your home or business.

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