Why Go Solar? 5 Reasons to Install a Home PV System in 2019

More and more homeowners are deciding to go solar every day, but many people continue to put off making the switch to photovoltaic power.

Now is definitely the time to move forward with home PV system installation. Wait much longer, and you may miss out on some big-time savings. If you’re going to go solar, 2019 is the year to make it happen.

No. 1: Earn the Maximum Federal Solar Tax Credit

The federal solar tax credit is the most lucrative financial incentive available to homeowners who go solar – but after this year, the impressive perk loses some of its punch.

If you install a home PV system and put it into operation by December 31, 2019, and you’ll reduce your income tax liability by 30 percent of the total costs. Wait, and that amount drops by 4 percent each year – and the tax credit expires at the end of 2021.

No. 2: Save Thousands on Home Energy Bills

The moment your home PV system begins harnessing the sun’s energy and providing power, you’ll start saving money.

How much cash will stay in your pocket? That depends upon where you live and the design of your photovoltaic array, but suffice it to say that you’ll likely save at least a thousand dollars in energy costs every year. The sooner you go solar, the sooner you’ll see savings!

No. 3: Enjoy a Quick Return on Investment

Switch your home over to photovoltaic power, and the investment will reach the payback point pretty quickly – probably faster than you expect.

How speedy will the return on investment be when you go solar? The exact time frame varies, but most homeowners who install PV systems in 2019 will start earning a profit in just a few years.

No. 4: Boost the Value of Your Home

Go solar now, and your home value will go up. Homes with PV systems often sell for up to 17 percent more than comparable properties without photovoltaic installations – that’s a significant boost!

What’s more, when it comes time to sell, your home won’t stay on the market for long. Properties with photovoltaic power tend to get snapped up, with many selling up to 20 percent faster.

No. 5: Become Energy Independent

Another benefit of going solar this year is energy security. The sun isn’t going anywhere, which means you’ll always have a source of home power. And with rates for grid electricity continually on the rise, relying on the utility company less makes perfect financial sense.

Have we convinced you to go solar in 2019? If you’re ready to install a home PV system and you live in Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Nevada or Wyoming, call on the expert photovoltaic contractors at Intermountain Wind & Solar.

A solar industry leader throughout the Intermountain West for more than a decade, Intermountain Wind & Solar offers high-quality PV components and professional photovoltaic system installation. With us, you can count on exceptional workmanship and affordable pricing.

Don’t wait to go solar – contact Intermountain Wind & Solar and schedule a no-cost, no-obligation to discuss installing a home PV system today.

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