Why Now is the Time to Switch to Solar Energy

Summer is usually a time when many people across the intermountain region see their power bills skyrocket, especially in places like Nevada and Southern Utah, where temperatures can easily top 110 degrees on any given day. If you’re tired of wondering how much you are going to have to spend on power bills to cool your home, or you’re afraid of opening that bill when it arrives each month, now is the time to switch to solar energy.

Predictable Energy Costs

One of the greatest benefits of switching to solar energy is the ability to predict your energy costs from month to month. During the hottest months of the summer or the coolest winter months, your bills are going to stay pretty steady as long as you have a system that is built for your power needs (taking into account peak energy usage).

You may decide to finance your solar energy system using a home equity or other type of loan, but those usually have fixed payments and are still much lower than those high power bills. Plus your costs for solar energy will never increase like the cost of energy from the local power grid, which is subject to price increases and has steadily gone up over the last few decades.

Environmentally Friendly

Another reason to think about switching to solar energy right now is the impact it can have on an increasingly warming global environment. Recent announcements from climate change experts indicate that the planet is warming, and probably at a much faster rate than we ever predicted. While there are a lot of factors that go into the overall levels of carbon emissions contributing to a warming climate, every step that individuals and businesses can take toward a smaller carbon footprint can make a difference.

Low Up-Front Costs

The cost to manufacture solar panels is going down, so the total cost to get solar for your residential home is lower than it has ever been. When you combine that with the total cost savings you achieve through lower energy bills, you can recoup the cost of your residential solar energy system within a few years.

Tax Incentives

Another reason to consider switching to solar energy right now is tax incentives. These incentives, available from the federal government as well as many state governments, can offset some of the up-front costs of installing your solar system. However, they are being phased out so there isn’t much time left to take advantage of these tax credits. For most states and federal taxes, 2021 will be the last year when you can claim a credit.

If you’re ready to go solar for your home’s energy, talk to Intermountain Wind and Solar today to learn how easy it can be.

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