Why Residential Solar Is Exploding in the Intermountain West

Residential solar energy generating systems are gaining popularity across the United States. If you live in the Intermountain West, you probably have noticed the rapid increase of residential solar panels in your neighborhood. This is a trend throughout the region, including in Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Wyoming. The following are just a few great reasons so many people are having solar panels installed on their homes.

Save Money on Utility Bills

The main reason to go solar, regardless of the state you live in, is to save money. If you are tired of your local power company’s steep bills and constant rate increases, consider adding a PV solar panel system. Not only can it bring your bill down to the double or even single digits, but it can give you independence from utility companies. Having panels installed was once cost-prohibitive for a lot of people, but now PV solar is surprisingly affordable. If you buy the panels, you have access to a variety of tax rebates and other incentives. If you don’t want to outlay the entire cost upfront, you can pay monthly. Either way, you will save money on your utility bills for as long as you have solar panels on your home.

Save More with Bulk Purchasing

Some solar installers in the Mountain West region offer bulk purchasing options. This involves neighbors buying solar panels together, or your solar contractor offering a bulk purchasing discount option. The more people who buy at once, the more money you save. Not only are the panels themselves cheaper when you buy in bulk, you may also qualify for reduced installation costs. So if the price for solar panels seems to be just out of your budget right now, look into bulk purchasing for extra savings.

Put Sunny Days to Good Use

The Intermountain West enjoys lots of sunny days and an ideal climate for solar power. While it’s not blazing hot every day like it is in some states, it’s definitely not overcast often. In fact, this region receives almost five hours of full sunlight per day, which is not too different from the sunniest states in the country, which receive a little more than that.

If you are like most residents of the Intermountain West, two of the best reasons for going solar are energy independence and cost savings. If you are interested in learning more about your alternative energy options, contact Intermountain Wind and Solar. They can show you all the documented reasons both home and business owners across the country are making the switch to residential solar power.

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