Why Some Consumers Resist Solar Energy

Many consumers continue to resist solar energy and other alternative power generation systems, despite their many proven benefits and advantages. This problem has proven to be confounding for those who understand the true benefits of alternative energy systems. Some reasons that consumers cite for discounting solar energy’s many benefits include confusion and unreasonable demands, restrictions and fees posed by homeowners’ associations and public utility providers. Exacerbating the situation are the many misleading or discouraging stories proliferated by some mainstream media outlets. Today’s consumers deserve the straight story on solar and wind energy.

Confusion or Misunderstanding about Solar Energy

When it comes to getting information about alternative energy systems, sometimes you may be faced with too much of a good thing. Making the transition to solar power can be a bit confusing at times. Different terminology is often used to describe the same technology, and many potential configurations and system types are currently offered. A reputable solar power systems dealer will provide helpful information and direct answers, free of jargon or complicated terminology.

Mainstream Media Manipulation

If you were to believe everything you read and hear about solar power, you would be justified in holding off. For unknown reasons, many large media outlets continue to publish misleading or discouraging information about it. The most popular sentiment expressed is that the technology isn’t perfected yet, but still in development. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, wind and solar technology already offer a significant cost savings over fossil fuels and the power they generate. Some of this misinformation originates from data related to solar leasing, which is much different than purchasing solar panels and owning them. With leasing, customers realize some savings but not nearly to the extent as buying. When purchasing or financing new solar and wind systems, clients begin to realize cost savings immediately, and in most cases repay their investment completely in only a few years.

Utility Company and HOA Restrictions

You may have heard that public utility providers all across the country are attempting to charge solar and wind energy customers extra fees or surcharges. While this battle is raging in some areas, consumers are pushing back in others such as Wisconsin. In Utah for example, Rocky Mountain Power proposed a small monthly tariff for solar customers but offers a variety of rebates, incentives and an option for net metering services. Homeowners associations, although historically averse to the appearance of visible solar panels, have begun to adapt to this growing and important trend by necessity. In some states, including Utah, HOAs are restricted from prohibiting alternative energy systems in most cases.

Intermountain Wind and Solar, serving Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada and Idaho, understands how challenging it can be to transition to a renewable energy system. Although the investment is significant, it begins to pay off immediately in many ways. Contact them today for the answers to all your questions about wind and solar energy systems.

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