Wind Turbine Farms an Expanding Energy Source

Wind turbine farms are the way of the future. Once thought of as exotic or unreliable methods of harnessing energy, these farms have spread from their experimental stage in California to almost every state in the nation.

Wind turbines were common sights in the West and Midwest just before and after the turn of the 20th century, when Dust Bowl farmers desperately needed water for their crops and turned to wind power to draw it up from the ground. Useful but not magical, the turbines fell out of favor when they couldn’t save the millions of acres of farmlands from blowing away.

Making the Switch

As the years passed, the United States began its long and dirty love affair with oil, but the ecological fallout from and ballooning expense of fossil fuels inspired scientists to find another way, and they did. The nascent industry of wind turbine farms has become a reliable, clean energy source, and its heyday is about to arrive.

Wind farms have often been located on agricultural and livestock farms, as wind is a constant on the wide, flat expanses of land. The old windmills with fan blades featured in sepia-toned pictures of the Old West can’t hold a candle to today’s generators in terms of efficiency and reliability. Farmers and ranchers can benefit not just from the turbines’ ability to irrigate or provide water to cattle and other animals, but from the extra income they generate by producing energy to sell neighbors or back to the power company.

Turbine Farm Developers

Many farmers don’t have the time or the initial investment to become wind farmers, but they can still benefit and profit from leasing their land to turbine farm developers. These payments can be negotiated to be up front, monthly or in exchange for a share of future profits. Wind turbines take up little space and are safe, so the land around them can be used for grazing animals, growing crops or other uses. This way, the farmers can double-dip by putting their land to use twice — once to lease turbine space and again for their own farming needs.

Intermountain Wind & Solar sells and installs wind turbines for home and commercial use throughout Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada and Wyoming. They sell wind turbines of various brands and sizes tailored to suit the needs of customers. Call Intermountain Wind & Solar today to find out about developing a wind turbine farm — get in on the ground floor of this burgeoning business.

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