Your Solar Energy Site Evaluation: What to Expect

If you are considering a solar energy system for your home or business, we suggest you start by scheduling a site evaluation.

During your site evaluation, one of our experienced team members visits your property to assess your site’s potential for using solar power. As a result, you will have the benefit of an expert opinion regarding the design and placement of a photovoltaic system, as well as information about its costs and generating capacity.

Roof Analysis for Solar Energy Installation

We begin by taking an up-close and personal look at your roof, as its features will determine how and where the photovoltaic array can be positioned.

Generally, mounting the panels on a south-facing section on the roof is preferred, although an east- or west-facing solar panel array can be just as effective in most cases. If your roof has multiple obstructions, such as vents or skylights, these must be considered when calculating the size and placement of your photovoltaic array.

Next, we consider your roof’s pitch.

To capture the most energy, photovoltaic panels are tilted toward the sun. If your roof is overly flat (or steep), we use a different configuration of racking components to position the panels at the optimal angle.

Evaluating Shading

Any amount of shading on your photovoltaic panels can lead to a reduction in output.

Even partial shading can have a large effect, particularly if shadows fall on your array during peak sunlight hours. We utilize a variety of on-site analysis tools and software to determine how much shade your rooftop gets throughout the day, while accounting for seasonal variances.

We then use the resulting data to evaluate how photovoltaic panels will perform on your rooftop. If necessary, we may recommend trimming trees or relocating obstacles that may decrease your potential solar output.

Can Solar Energy Power Your Home or Business?

Though not every site is ideal, the majority of homes and commercial buildings in the Intermountain West region can benefit significantly from a photovoltaic system.

For those few that are not workable, we offer a variety of alternatives to accommodate your needs.

Your solar array could, for example, be mounted on the ground. Or, if shading is an issue, its effect on solar energy production could be significantly limited by splitting the array into multiple strings or by using separate micro-inverters for each photovoltaic panel.

In many cases, the answer is to simply increase panel capacity or the number of panels in your system.

The bottom line is that it is rare indeed that we encounter a location that, using the right system design and installation, cannot successfully adopt solar energy.

Call Intermountain Wind & Solar today to schedule your complimentary site evaluation and consultation. We are well established as the premier solar installation contractor in the Intermountain West, serving customers in Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Utah.

We look forward to showing you how easy it is to save money and gain energy independence through the adoption of solar energy.

Power Your Home with Solar

Power Your Home with Solar

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