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What is ICSI, and why does it make our solar panels so affordable? 

The Intermountain Community Solar Initiative or ICSI, is a program to help a group of states (UT, ID, CO, NV, and WY) to significantly reduce or replace their power bills. Whether you are looking for a wind turbine to heat your pool, or an off-grid, 8-panel renewable energy solution for your cabin, our installers can lead the way.  We also provide renewable energy to many businesses in Salt Lake City, and other large metropolitan areas.  As a reliable provider of next generation power solutions, we have adapted a strategy that allows us to pass savings on to our clients.  By making a bulk purchase of solar panels, and filling our warehouse to the rafters, we are able to significantly cut costs on deliverables.  Our installers are also extremely efficient with their time.  Again, the ICSI benefits are available only to residents of: Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.

How else do solar panels make energy more affordable?

During your first year of ownership, the solar panels should provide 60% in returned value compared to each dollar invested in the system.  If you are looking for wind power solutions or installers, please call our offices for specific data on energy savings.  After the first few years of ownership, many of our Salt Lake City, Utah clients are finding that the system has paid for itself, and it begins to deliver a healthy return on investment.
If you could install an ATM on your home that would pay you $100 per month, would you?  

Who can qualify for financing a solar panel system?

We have financing available, which makes our solar panels that much more affordable.  The payments start as low as $55.00 per month, and are surprisingly low for the value provided.  Many clients have already purchased wind power, and renewable energy solutions using our easy financing, which is available in: UT, ID, CO, NV, and WY.  Most often, there is enough budget leftover for our installers to finish their work based solely on the financed amount.  This allows you to enjoy the benefits of your solar panels without worrying about hefty upfront payments.

Peace of mind: a 25 Year Warranty.

Since our solar panels have a twenty-five year warranty, you can rest assured that you'll likely enjoy a 250% to 400% return on investment from the system over time.  There is no maintenance required for our affordable solutions, and our team of qualified installers is always here to help if you have issues.  For information on wind power warranties, and sales quotes, please call our offices.

Affordable solar panels and wind power are a great way to eliminate energy costs. Our local installers serve clients in Salt Lake City, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming.

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