3 Reasons to Choose Intermountain Wind & Solar:

Total Solar Panels Installed


14,027,805 Watts


IWS is the largest and most experienced residential and commercial solar contractor in the Intermountain West. Renewable power generation is all we do.

Quality of Service

We do not outsource our installations. All of our electricians and installers are full-time IWS employees, not independent contractors, that install solar all-day, every day.


IWS consistently provides the best cost per watt pricing along with spot-on production estimates. We give you exactly what you pay for and we do it at a great value with options like our bulk purchase program along with many affordable financing choices.

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    Solar Thermal

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    Back Up Power

    Natural Disasters and Short Power Outages: It doesn’t matter where you live...

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What is ICSI, and why does it make our solar panels so affordable?

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The Intermountain Community Solar Initiative or ICSI, is a program to help a group of states (UT, ID, CO, NV, & WY) significantly reduce or replace their power bills. Whether you are a home owner looking to replace your power bill or a business owner wanting to save money, our renewable energy experts can lead the way. As a reliable provider of next generation power solutions, we have adapted a strategy that allows us to pass savings on to our clients. By making a bulk purchase of solar panels, and filling our warehouse to the rafters, we are able to significantly cut costs on deliverables.

For more information about how to take advantage...

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