3 Reasons Used Solar Panels Are a Bad Idea

Installing used solar panels might sound like a great way to save money.

In truth, the savings may not be all that great, because older modules lack today’s high-output technology. And in many cases, they will not qualify for the many financial incentives and rebates you get with new panels.

used solar panels

If your PV panels aren’t as efficient as advertised, or if they fail — which is more likely with used modules — you won’t be able to fall back on a warranty. All things considered, secondhand solar panels present more problems than they’re worth.

No. 1: Used Solar Panels May Be Damaged

Used solar modules often come with damage, and buyers may have no way to verify that they’re in working order before making a purchase.

You could easily end up buying broken or unusable PV panels. Or the used solar modules might operate at a lower efficiency, producing much less electricity than you were led to believe. In either case, you likely can’t return the modules for a refund.

No. 2: Used Solar Panels Have Outdated Technology

Even if the secondhand solar modules you purchase aren’t damaged, they won’t produce anywhere near the same amount of electricity as new PV panels.

Photovoltaic technology is continually changing, and modules produced even a few years ago are outdated and less efficient. You’ll save more money over time if you opt for a new home PV system instead of installing used solar modules.

No. 3: New Solar Panels Come with Warranties

Secondhand PV panels don’t have warranty coverage. If they fail or produce little electricity, you can’t file a claim and have them repaired or replaced.

When you install a new home PV system, on the other hand, your photovoltaic components will have full manufacturers’ warranties. Low energy output and equipment failure aren’t likely with new, high-quality solar modules, but you will be protected if a problem should arise.

How to Get the Best Price for New Solar Panels

As with any other major purchase, shopping around is key to getting the best price for new solar modules.

Industry experts say that homeowners should get estimates from at least a few professional photovoltaic contractors. Comparing quotes and online installer reviews takes time, but that’s really the only way to make sure you get the best price for a high-quality, efficient home PV system.

When you’re ready to shop, start with Intermountain Wind & Solar. As the leading professional PV system installer for homes and businesses throughout Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming, we’re known for affordable pricing and exceptional customer service.

With a professional photovoltaic installation, you can avoid the pitfalls of installing used solar panels. To schedule a free, no-pressure consultation and estimate, contact us today.

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