3 Ways You Can Use Solar Energy Right Now

According to the dictionary, solar energy is simply radiant energy from the sun. But what does that really mean, in terms of putting the sun’s power to work for you?

Solar technologies allow you to harness the sun’s energy and convert it to useable power, offering independence from the traditional utility grid and saving you money.

Today, you can put solar energy to work for you in three different — and highly effective — ways.

Power Your Home with Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Through photovoltaic technology, the sun can provide you with electricity for your home or business.

A rooftop or ground-mounted solar panel system can capture the AC (alternating current) energy of the sun and convert it to DC (direct current) energy, the type needed to power your electronics and appliances.

With a large enough photovoltaic system and a battery storage bank, you can disconnect and live entirely off the municipal power grid.

Most solar customers choose to connect their systems to the utility grid for a backup source of power, however. And if your system is grid-tied, net metering allows you to earn credits from the power company whenever your photovoltaic panels send excess energy to the grid for use by other customers.

Heat Your Water — and Your Swimming Pool — with Thermal Solar Energy

Most homeowners rely on natural gas or electricity to heat water for household use.

With a thermal solar power system, however, you can heat your water with the power of the sun. According to North Carolina State University, many homeowners are able to supply 50 to 80 percent of their home’s hot water needs with a solar water heater.

Solar water heating technologies are reliable and cost-effective. Photovoltaic panels or evacuated tubes are mounted on your rooftop to collect energy from the sun. They then transfer the heat to the running water in your home.

And of particular interest to our customers in the Intermountain West, a thermal solar power system also can heat your swimming pool.

Have Power on the Go with Mobile Solar Energy

The sun’s power certainly can provide you with electricity and hot water. But did you know that with mobile solar energy solutions, you can use the sun’s power anywhere?

Portable photovoltaic panels can provide you with electricity no matter where you are.

Charge your cell phone or laptop while you’re on the road. Or link a few modules together and add a battery storage pack or portable solar generator for more power. You can take your system along on your next camping trip to keep the lights on at night and to power your electronic devices.

Here at Intermountain Wind & Solar, we believe that our customers should take full advantage of the energy independence and free power the sun provides. We serve commercial and residential customers in Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and Colorado.

Contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today for more information on putting solar energy to work for you.

Power Your Home with Solar

Power Your Home with Solar

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