Before Installing a Solar Array, Should You Replace Your Roof?

Are you planning a rooftop solar array installation? If so, the condition of your roof matters.

If the structural integrity of your roof is significantly compromised, mounting PV panels could pose a risk.

Solar array rooftop

Replacing your roof is costly, so you don’t want to do it if it isn’t necessary.

Is Your Roof Damaged?

Reputable photovoltaic contractors such as the Intermountain Wind & Solar team won’t install PV panels on a roof that’s in poor condition.

Photovoltaic modules are designed to create electricity for decades. If a roof develops problems after solar installation, the homeowner may have to pay to have the solar array removed before repairs can be made. Given the added cost, it simply doesn’t make financial sense to mount PV panels on a damaged roof.

If you know your roof has a problem, contact a local roofer for repairs or replacement before scheduling a solar array installation.

Are You Certain Your Roof Is in Decent Condition?

Maybe you don’t have any roof leaks, and your photovoltaic contractor didn’t notice any obvious signs of damage during your home PV consultation. Does that mean you can go ahead and install a rooftop solar array without any worry of future structural issues?

Professional solar contractors aren’t roofers, and roofing damage isn’t always easily visible. So a problem could go unnoticed and you could end up footing the bill to have your PV panels removed and reinstalled if you need repairs or replacement later on.

To play it safe, schedule a roof inspection with a local professional roofer before installing a solar array.

What if You Don’t Want to Budget for Roof Repair or Replacement?

Let’s say your roof is damaged. You want to go solar, but you’re not ready to pay for roofing repairs or replacement along with photovoltaic installation. Will you have to wait?

Not at all. If you have a sunny spot in your yard, you could consider installing a ground-mounted solar array. Ground-mounted systems are highly efficient, as they can be placed at the optimal angle and direction for maximum electricity production. Go with ground-mounted PV panels, and you can go solar now — without taking care of your roof first.

If your roof is in good shape now, you’ll want to keep it that way, and that means hiring an experienced solar contractor. The professionals at Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s leading photovoltaic installers, have the knowledge, training and skills to mount PV panels without compromising rooftop integrity.

The Intermountain Wind & Solar team also has what it takes to install efficient, cost-effective ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. So if your rooftop can’t handle PV panels right now, our expert team can still help you make the switch to photovoltaic power.

To discuss solar array options for your Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming or Idaho home, contact us today.

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