Can You Install Photovoltaic Panels on a Flat Roof?

If you want to install photovoltaic panels at your home or business, a flat roof is not a problem.

In fact, if your house has a flat roof, you may be better off than homeowners with pitched roofs. As long as your rooftop is in good condition and has no shading from trees or nearby buildings, you can go solar with confidence.

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A Flat Roof Optimizes Energy Output from Photovoltaic Panels

With a pitched roof, the orientation of a home PV array is dictated by the direction and angle of the structure. While adjustments can be made to harness more of the sun’s energy, optimizing photovoltaic power can be challenging on a roof that doesn’t face south or west.

On your roof, however, solar panels can easily produce maximum photovoltaic power. The flat surface gives you the freedom to mount your PV array at the ideal tilt and directional orientation.

Really, your only limiting factors are the size and shape of your rooftop and working around obstructions like vents, chimneys and skylights. But unless your roof is very small, you should have plenty of space to install an optimized home PV system.

Photovoltaic Panels Aren’t Easily Visible on a Flat Roof

Curb appeal is important to many homeowners. Fortunately, today’s solar panels are much less visually obtrusive than those of years ago. In fact, for many rooftops, photovoltaic systems blend in rather well.

That said, a PV array installed on a pitched roof can affect the look of the property, as the solar panels can be seen from the street. Because of this, some homeowners’ associations are strict about how and where photovoltaic systems can be placed.

Your low-pitch roof gives you a definite advantage. Unless your property is at the bottom of a hill, your photovoltaic panels won’t be visible to your neighbors.

Photovoltaic Panel Maintenance Is Easier on a Flat Roof

A home PV system doesn’t require much maintenance to remain operational for decades.

But homeowners may occasionally need to clean bird droppings, leaves or dust from their solar panels, as any debris can cause a drop in energy output. Solar experts also recommend performing periodic visual checks for frayed wiring or loose connections.

These tasks can be dangerous for a homeowner, but accessing solar panels on a roof that’s flat is much less hazardous. And if you have to call a professional to handle photovoltaic maintenance, their job will be easier, so you’ll save on labor charges.

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