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    Some of Our Commercial Projects

    Three Top Reasons to Go Solar as a Business

    • The timing is right. With the cost of solar at a historical low and the federal and state incentives still high, the timing is perfect.
    • Investing in Solar will beat any mutual fund, stock or other low to mid-risk investment. An investment in solar will return between 10–15% per year over the life of the system, while being extremely low-risk as an investment.
    • Every $1 spent on solar will return $1.50 to reinvest in your business. Solar frees up expenses for reinvestment rather than costing you additional expenses as other capital projects would. And the money it saves you increases each year as the cost of power rises.

    Tower View Case Study – 236.16kW

    Eliminate power costs through renewable energy for a luxury Tower View apartment building.

    Created a scaled solar system to accommodate each unit in the building efficiently.

    Designed and installed a raised solar panel system on the building’s roof, while still allowing access for roof service.

    The Tower View apartment owners save over $24,000 per year. Cost of solar system pays for itself in less than 4 years.

    Quality Plating Case Study – 127.3kW

    Reduce financial burden of power for Quality Plating, which requires a great deal of power.

    Researched past power usage to create a system scaled specifically for their power demand.

    Utilized ground space for solar panels to achieve higher efficiency per square foot.

    Quality Plating will save $1.8 million over the next 30 years with their solar array, which will pay for itself in less than 4 years.

    Basic Research Case Study – 1.4MW

    Reduce power costs for a large manufacturing facility and maintain the facility’s annual growth.

    Research annual usage to analyze energy usage, implement efficiency measures, and reduce demand charges.

    Implement a three-step process to evaluate the current equipment, upgrade fixtures, and install new solar array on roof.

    Improved efficiency in usage and demand to achieve Net Zero for power usage, and spend less annually than previous monthly power bills.

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