Can You Use Solar Power for a Mobile Home?

Mobile home owners are often interested in solar power, but they wonder if it’s possible with their type of structure.

Yes, people who live in manufactured housing absolutely can go solar. However, PV panel installation for mobile homes is not the same as for most site-built homes.

Use Solar Power for a Mobile Home

Can You Install Rooftop Solar Power Panels on a Mobile Home?

Rooftop solar panels aren’t usually an option for manufactured homes.

Unlike site-built homes, mobile homes aren’t structurally designed to handle a PV panel installation. This type of housing has smaller roof joists, which aren’t strong enough to safely hold the weight of the photovoltaic array. Plus, manufactured homes don’t have permanent concrete foundations for added integrity.

Additionally, local building codes may not allow the installation of rooftop solar power panels on a structure that isn’t permanently embedded in the ground.

How Can a Mobile Home Owner Adopt Solar Power?

So if you can’t install rooftop PV panels on your mobile home, how can you go solar?

You could choose another structure for your rooftop PV panel installation. An enclosed patio, garage or storage shed might have the structural integrity for a photovoltaic array.

If you don’t have another suitable building, you could adopt solar power using a ground-mounted PV installation. In most cases, a ground-mounted photovoltaic system is the smartest option for a manufactured home. And since it can be placed in the most advantageous position, you can expect maximum energy production.

Tips to Boost Mobile Home Solar Power Efficiency

Manufactured homes are often incredibly inefficient, wasting a great amount of energy. Make a few upgrades, and you can lower your energy consumption — a cost-effective strategy for anyone looking to adopt solar power.

According to a study from the U.S. Department of Energy, the most worthwhile mobile home efficiency measures include:

  • Sealing furnace ducts and air leaks
  • Scheduling a furnace tuneup
  • Adding insulation to the underside of the manufactured home
  • Installing interior storm windows
  • Improving attic insulation

Many other upgrades — such as replacing old lightbulbs, adding energy-efficient window coverings and installing a smart thermostat — can also make a difference in your electricity consumption. With an online or professional home energy audit, you can easily discover additional strategies for boosting your solar efficiency.

Are you ready to start saving money with photovoltaic power? The professional contractors at Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s largest and most experienced PV panel installers, work with homeowners throughout Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Wyoming. Whether you live in a site-built home or a mobile home, we can help you find the most affordable and efficient way to adopt solar power. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today.

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