Commercial Solar Energy Systems: What Are Your Options?

Installing commercial solar energy systems is a great way for companies to create their own electricity.

Gas stations, auto dealers, hotels, distribution centers, stores and office buildings are among the many businesses now powered by photovoltaic energy.

commercial solar energy

Because solar power is a flexible energy solution, companies are using it in a variety of ways. Sizes and configurations for the solar projects vary, but most adhere to one of three basic types of photovoltaic system installations.

Roof-Mounted Commercial Solar Systems

The majority of commercial installations involve roof-mounted systems. A recent report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), revealed that more than 90 percent of the companies that adopt photovoltaic power choose to have the systems mounted on a rooftop.

Roof-mounted solar energy systems appeal to business owners because they are well-suited to many types of building footprints. And a rooftop photovoltaic array is often the simplest — and least expensive — installation option.

Ground-Mounted Commercial System Installations

The amount of available rooftop space can significantly limit the size of a photovoltaic installation. So companies that require a great deal of electricity typically turn to ground-mounted installations.

Ground-mounted commercial photovoltaic systems are highly efficient, as the PV panels can be placed at the perfect orientation and tilt to best harness the sun’s energy. And with enough land, a business can install a solar project of any size.

Carport Commercial Solar Installations

Carport installations are another good choice, as businesses discover the benefits of turning their parking lots into photovoltaic power plants.

Installing a photovoltaic parking lot canopy is generally the most expensive route for a commercial project, due to the additional construction materials and labor. But for space-strapped companies, a carport can be an ideal option.

Photovoltaic panels placed on a parking canopy can generate enough energy to power the business, and the structure protects the vehicles underneath and keeps them cooler. Some commercial solar carport projects also include electric vehicle charging stations. Free electricity along with covered parking makes a carport installation an attractive option.

The professional contractors at Intermountain Wind & Solar, the region’s largest and most experienced commercial solar installers, have the skills and expertise to design an efficient, cost-effective photovoltaic system that meets the energy needs of any business.

Our expert team can determine whether a roof-mounted, ground-mounted or carport photovoltaic installation is best for your Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada or Wyoming company. To learn more about options for commercial solar energy systems, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar to schedule a free consultation today.

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