Commercial Solar Installation Options for Businesses

Although commercial solar energy systems are often mounted on the ground or on poles, many businesses don’t have enough land required for this type of installation.

Intermountain Wind & Solar offers a wide range of photovoltaic array mounting solutions for businesses.

Rooftop Commercial Solar Systems

Most businesses that adopt photovoltaic power opt for rooftop arrays.

Commercial building roofs often have ample space, and with this type of installation, the energy is produced right where it is needed. Consequently, little need exists for additional infrastructure to transport electricity, which would add to the up-front equipment costs.

Placing photovoltaic modules on the roof also can provide for optimal energy production, as the area is naturally exposed to the sun. Arrays can be mounted using ballasts, which do not penetrate the roof, or with attached tilt-up or flush racking systems.

Commercial Solar Shade Awnings

Not every rooftop is well-suited for a photovoltaic installation, however. Some lack the structural support necessary for the modules, and others have obstructions such as vents and exhaust fans that block the sun, limiting energy production.

In cases such as these, solar shade awnings can provide a workable alternative solution.

Retail stores and other commercial businesses frequently install awnings made of acrylic, fiberglass, canvas or other materials to shade their buildings. Choosing solar awnings instead can provide the same benefit, while at the same time providing a source of free power.

Depending upon a building’s characteristics, these awnings can generate a sizeable amount of electricity. However, to maximize energy output and reduce reliance on the traditional utility grid, some commercial solar projects install solar awnings in addition to roof-mounted arrays.

Commercial Solar Parking Lot Canopies

Facilities like shopping malls, medical centers and office buildings often require large parking lots or multi-level parking structures. Covering the top level of parking structures with solar canopies can turn these areas into power plants, and at the same time provide welcome covered parking for employees and visitors.

Installing solar parking lot canopies can be more expensive than other options, such as rooftop or ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, simply because of the canopy material and fabrication costs. However, they make good use of an otherwise wasted space. And through their electricity output, they can help businesses become energy independent.

For space-strapped properties, photovoltaic panel canopies actually may be the ideal installation choice in terms of energy production.

Intermountain Wind & Solar has the experience and expertise to design an efficient and cost-effective commercial solar system for any business. We serve commercial and residential clients in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss adding a commercial solar power system for your business.

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