How Big of a Solar Energy System Does Your Small Business Need?

Getting a solar system installed for your small business has many benefits, including lower monthly power bills, reduced chances of harm to your business during power outages, and tax credits that are available for installing these systems. In addition, it can help you appeal to more customers today who are increasingly conscious about the businesses they choose to patronize. Many consumers today also prefer to do business with companies that place a high priority on sustainability so it can offer a competitive advantage as well.

To determine how big of a solar system your business needs, there are a few things you should look at first.

1: Average Power Usage

Every business has different power needs, so to calculate how big your solar system should be, you need to determine your average daily usage. You can do this by reviewing your electricity bills, which should include how many kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy you used in any given billing period. Once you know how much you use on average, you can take two different approaches to your solar system:

  • Calculate a daily average by dividing your total annual usage by 365 and get a system that will support your usage for an average day. If you are closed on certain days, you may want to take those days out of the calculation for more accuracy.
  • Determine when your peak energy usage occurs, and make sure your system can support those days. During your non-peak usage months you will have a system that produces more solar energy that you need, which you may be able to sell to the power company for credits toward your bill.

2: Solar Panel Capacity

The next step is determining how much capacity you need. Each panel generates a specific amount of kWh of power, so Intermountain Wind and Solar can help you determine exactly how many panels you need based on your power needs. They can also help answer questions about capacity and other things to get you the exact right system.

3: Space Available

Sometimes the size of your system will be partially determined by the available space you have, and whether it gets good sunlight. Intermountain Wind and Solar can help determine how many sunlight hours you get and recommend how many panels you should install for maximum efficiency and power generation.

Start with a Solar Consultation

The best thing you can do to get started down to road to installing solar panels for your small business is to contact Intermountain Wind and Solar and schedule a solar consultation. We can help you with all the math and get you the ideal system for your needs.

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