IWS Donates Solar Energy System to South Davis Recovery Club

Recently, IWS donated a complete 10 kW solar energy system to the South Davis Recovery Club in Bountiful, Utah, which provides critical recovery services to area residents battling alcoholism and addiction.

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Utah ranks No. 4 in the United States for drug overdose deaths. Last year, more than 365 people—one person per day— died in our state, as the result of a drug overdose. The Utah Department of Health cites chronic and binge drinking as widespread health concerns, and the number of drunken driving deaths doubled in our state last year.

The compassionate services South Davis Recovery Club provides have never been more important for Utah. 

About the South Davis Recovery Club

The South Davis Recovery Club is a nonprofit dedicated to helping people with addictions to alcohol and other substances.

The center’s mission statement guides their work:

“South Davis Recovery Club is a safe place where anyone who has a desire to recover from addiction can join others of like mind and body, and discover the miracle of recovery through meeting attendance, sponsorship, 12-step work, personal service, and fellowship.”

Members share their experience, strength and hope, and find support for continuous recovery and personal growth by coming to understand that they can join hands with others to accomplish that which they cannot do alone. 

IWS Is Dedicated to Giving Back to the Community

Mark Richards, senior vice president of Commercial Development at IWS, recommended donating the system and provided coordination for the project.

Mark joined the board of the South Davis Center in 2015, having witnessed the devastation that addiction can bring into the lives of community members and their families. Mark himself expressed it best,

I have also witnessed the profound effect this club has had helping both sides of the family by providing a place that allows people to regain a life worth living.” 

Over the course of two years, Mark and IWS developed a strategy to pay for the photovoltaic energy system to help offset the center’s electrical costs. Finally, this past October, all of this hard work and planning paid off. 

Solar Energy Will Benefit South Davis Club for Decades 

On Oct. 14, 2016, IWS installed a 9.88 kW PV solar energy system at the Recovery Club. The system consisted of 39 SunEdison 360-watt panels, paired with SMA string inverters.

Intermountain Wind & Solar donated the solar panels, inverters and all the required mounting hardware and equipment. The company also donated all of the labor for installing the solar energy array and rewiring the building to accommodate the new photovoltaic system.

We’re sharing this information with the community to encourage other local businesses to give back whenever and wherever possible. Together, we can make a difference for our communities and our neighbors.

Intermountain Wind & Solar is also dedicated to improving the lives of our customers through renewable energy. We help commercial and residential customers throughout the Intermountain West to reduce or eliminate their dependence on municipal electricity and the onerous costs that accompany it. Contact us today to learn more about our company and the many benefits of solar energy.

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