Local Solar Expertise: Incentives, Roofs and Service

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on why it pays to work with local professionals for your solar panel installation and other needs. Local installers have not only the knowledge of your area, but also several other incentives to provide you with better direct service.

At Intermountain Wind & Solar, we’re happy to be a solar provider who offers services in five states, but provides local-level service in each of them. All of our state facilities, from Nevada to Idaho, Utah and more, are separate entities, run independently by full-time local experts with knowledge on the area and all its potential ins and outs for solar needs. Today’s part two will detail several of the other benefits that come with working with our local team for all your solar needs, rather than a national cookie-cutter chain.

Energy Incentives

One major element of many solar panel installations is the potential for energy incentives, which for many homeowners will make the difference between being able to afford solar power and having to wait. Solar energy incentives come in a few different formats, all of which will reduce the overall cost in some way.

Many of these incentives, however, are local. They’re offered by state or even city electrical utilities, and are often simply unknown to those who don’t work and operate full-time in this local market. Your local solar installer, on the other hand, will have detailed knowledge of all such incentives in your area and how they might benefit you, plus will have experience applying for them and walking you through this process.

Roofs and Other Local Elements

As we touched on in part one, there are several distinct local elements that may play a role in solar panel installation. One is the common roof types in your city or area, which will often determine which sort of racking is installed and other methods your solar experts take to protect your structure. The shingle type used on your roof may play a role here as well, and this is simply an area where local experts have a better baseline of knowledge. They also know the local climate and can customize your system to any particulars within it.

Long-Term Relationship

Finally, the long-term care of your solar panel system is vital, and local professionals are the much better bet here. When you call a national solar chain for service, you’re likely to get an automated voice and spend a lengthy portion of your day simply getting a human on the line, much less actually obtaining assistance. With our local team, on the other hand, we’re at your service for same-day repairs or other needs, ensuring your system stays viable and beneficial for years after installation.

For more on why it pays to work with local professionals for solar panel installation, or to learn about any of our solar services, speak to the staff at Intermountain Wind & Solar today.

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