Solar Energy Myths: Solar Is Only for Environmental Activists

Using solar energy to provide power to your home or business is considered beneficial for the environment, and this is why some people choose to install photovoltaic systems.

But, going green is far from being the only reason to adopt solar. In fact, many people who take advantage of the sun’s energy today don’t do it to help the environment — their main motivation for going solar is a different kind of green — money!

Homeowners and Businesses Alike Save Money with Solar

Energy from the sun is free and unlimited, unlike other traditional energy sources.

This is the true beauty — as well as the lure — of using solar energy for generating power. And, not surprisingly, many cost-conscious homeowners and business are finally figuring this out.

The initial startup costs are lower than ever, and they can generally be recouped in a matter of years, especially now, when you can take advantage of the 30 percent federal tax credit and other incentives.

For decades, your PV panel array will continue to provide big savings on energy costs, sometimes even eliminating monthly electric bills completely.

Some homeowners and businesses even make money with their photovoltaic systems. Net metering agreements require that utility companies pay you for excess energy you feed back to the grid. So, money-savvy people who install systems that produce excess energy are able to see a profit, instead of having to pay an electric bill.

Photovoltaic Energy Use by the Military

The U.S. military is making an effort to commit to using a greater percentage of renewable energy. But make no mistake — preservation of the environment isn’t their only reason for using solar power.

The volatility of the global fuel market and our overdependence on fossil fuels mean that the military needs a more secure energy source, and one that is less costly. Not surprisingly, photovoltaic power seems to be the obvious answer.

Currently, the military has several large-scale PV arrays that power entire bases, as well as smaller systems that provide energy for homes and businesses off base.

In addition, solar power has been used on the battlefield. For example, in Afghanistan, the Marines carried portable solar panel blankets to power communications gear, allowing them to have a constant supply of energy without lugging heavy batteries around.

Big American Companies Are Adopting Solar Too

Big businesses have one major goal in mind — making money.

Consequently, many companies are choosing photovoltaic power because it helps lower their operating costs, which increases their profit margins. Walmart, Johnson & Johnson, General Motors and Campbell’s Soups are among the many American companies that have adopted solar energy on a large scale.

While this move provides some great PR for big business, the bottom line for them is that photovoltaic power saves money.

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