Solar Panel Bulk Purchasing Next Big Industry Trend

Do you plan to install solar panels on your roof in the next few months? If so, taking part in a solar bulk purchasing program may be the best way to reduce your PV system costs.

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Community solar programs are springing up across the country as more people choose to reap the benefits of bulk purchasing. If you’re serious about saving money and establishing energy independence, a bulk program — like the Intermountain Community Solar Initiative (ICSI) — might be just what you need.

Bulk Purchasing Solar Panels Means the Lowest Price

If you’re like most renewable energy adopters, you’re considering an investment in photovoltaic power because it will save you money — after all, the sun’s energy is as free as it is plentiful. Also, the cost of installing PV solar panels has dramatically dropped over the last several years.

Today, many financial incentives are available to reduce PV energy costs even further. The federal solar tax credit, along with state and local rebates and grants, can save you more than 50 percent on a rooftop photovoltaic system.

But did you know that bulk purchasing programs can save you even more?

By coming together with other homeowners in your community, you can get a large-volume discount on photovoltaic panels. A bulk program can save you thousands on a single home rooftop installation.

Joining your neighbors in the purchase of solar panels will give you the best possible price on your PV system.

Solar Bulk Purchasing Programs Benefit Busy Homeowners

These days, we’re constantly on the go. Who has time to learn how photovoltaic power systems work, or to study the components thoroughly enough to make an informed decision about choosing your solar panels?

Of course, anyone can do the research, but most of us are simply too busy.

Community bulk purchasing programs provide homeowners with everything they need to know, offering workshops and other resources to answer questions. Join one, and you’ll only need to carve a little bit of time out of your packed schedule to get your photovoltaic project underway.

Switching to PV Power with the Intermountain Community Solar Initiative

Homeowners who join the Intermountain Community Solar Initiative save an average of $4,000 to $6,000 on their solar panels. And thanks to the power of buying in bulk, the savings grow when more people participate.

How do you get started? ICSI offers free educational bulk purchasing workshops that explain the basics of photovoltaic power and spell out the options for homeowners. Here, you’ll also have the opportunity to get your questions answered. These online classes are available to anyone with an internet connection, or you can listen to a photovoltaic workshop over the phone by calling (415) 697-0350.

Homeowners throughout Utah and Idaho are eligible for the ICSI program. For more details or to sign up for a bulk purchasing workshop, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today. We look forward to helping you save even more money on your solar panels and equipment.

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