Spring Cleaning and Maintenance for Solar Panels

Spring is a time when many home and property owners look to get some basic cleaning and maintenance done, and one common example here is for solar panels. While it's true that solar panels do just fine in winter conditions and won't be at any major risk of damage or large concerns, the long winter can dirty them and perhaps introduce a few very minor areas of upkeep that should be covered once the cold season ends.

At Intermountain Wind & Solar, we're happy to offer high-quality commercial and residential solar panel services to clients in both Salt Lake City, Utah and Boise, Idaho. Here are some general spring cleaning and maintenance tips we can offer to those with solar panels, ensuring that their panels are in great shape headed into the highest-sun periods of the year.

Be Careful  - For Multiple Reasons

Care on your roof is naturally important no matter what, but it's doubly so when it comes to solar panel cleaning or maintenance. Here are a couple reasons why:

  • Safety: The constant theme we referenced is safety, which needs to be taken into account at all times when up on a roof. There should never be any risk that you or anyone else suffers an injury in the process.
  • Panel damage: You don't want to damage the panels themselves either, of course; it's important to use gentle yet effective techniques for cleaning, and safe pressure for any maintenance needs.
  • Warranty: Relatedly, there may be warranty considerations here. If the solar panel cleaning or maintenance is performed improperly, then it can void the warranty and cause you to pay for any repairs that arise from it. If you know your panels remain under warranty, it pays to check it extensively before doing anything to them.

Consider a Solar Panel Cleaning Kit

If you're going to be doing the cleaning yourself, then it pays to get a solar panel cleaning kit that contains all the necessary items. You can sometimes find these kits at home improvement stores or online retailers; they normally come with enough materials for multiple cleanings and may include brushes, rags, special cleaners, and other items needed for effective maintenance.

The presence of these special cleaners is one of the more important benefits of a kit, as some general-use cleaners can actually damage the panels or reduce their effectiveness over time. So it's important to have an approved cleaning product that won't cause any issues when used on solar panel surfaces.

Always Check Manufacturer Tips or Instructions

Solar panels are typically manufactured and sold by specific companies, and they'll often provide some helpful tips or directions on how best to clean and maintain them. If your panels do come with such a guide or set of recommendations, it pays to read through it carefully before doing any work.

This could include safety rules or guidelines on the types of cleaners that can be used. Even if you do have a kit, it's wise to check these instructions and make sure that the products contained within won't cause any issues when applied to your specific panel model.

Stay Away From Harsh or Abrasive Chemicals or Supplies

As you're searching for a solar panel cleaning kit or system, be sure to avoid anything that contains harsh chemicals or abrasive supplies. Abrasive materials can scratch and damage the panels over time, reducing their efficiency; strong chemicals can also eat away at the surface and create similar issues.

So look for gentle cleaners, soft brushes, and other items that won't cause any harm when used in a cleaning or maintenance scenario. Along the same lines, it's wise to avoid using power washers on your panels as well; the pressure from these can actually damage them and reduce their effectiveness.

This is another area that highlights the value of a solar panel cleaning kit - when you buy one, you can be sure that the products included are designed specifically for solar panel use and won't cause any issues.

As you can see, cleaning and maintaining solar panels in the spring is an important task, but one that should be done with caution. By following the tips above, you can ensure your panels remain in great condition while also protecting yourself from any potential safety risks along the way.

For more here, or to learn about our solar panel services for clients in Salt Lake City, Boise or nearby areas, speak to our team at Intermountain Wind & Solar today.

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