The Top 3 Benefits of Commercial Solar

Commercial solar saves your business money and gets you free publicity at the same time.

Every day, we read about which big companies and businesses across the country have made the switch to solar energy. But make no mistake — these high-profile commercial solar projects aren’t all about saving the world.

What they don’t tell you in the news stories is that these companies are scoring big savings and free PR by investing in photovoltaic power. Your business can score big too, if you make the move to commercial solar energy.

Adopting Commercial Solar Is a Savvy Business Investment

Sure, installing a photovoltaic system large enough to meet your electricity needs requires an upfront investment. However, the costs may not be as high as you think, particularly when you factor in the available federal, state and local grants, tax credits and rebates.

With these financial incentives, many companies save up to 50 percent on their initial commercial solar installation costs.

Installing a solar energy system is a sound business decision because it’s a one-time investment. Once installed, photovoltaic systems will provide free power for decades and require little maintenance. Most solar panels carry a 25-year warranty, but systems can continue to generate energy at near-full capacity for years longer.

Commercial Solar Immediately Cuts (or Eliminates) Electricity Costs

How much is your company’s monthly energy bill?

Wouldn’t you love to pay less — or nothing at all — for your company’s electricity? A commercial photovoltaic system can reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills. While other companies remain at the mercy of ongoing utility rate hikes, you will be enjoying free energy from the sun instead of relying on the traditional utility grid.

This can mean substantial savings for any business, large or small.

Grid electricity costs have steadily increased over time, and there’s little reason to be optimistic that they will drop in the future. Installing a photovoltaic system locks in savings on your utility bills, allowing you to pay just a fraction of what you pay for electricity now.

As time goes on, those savings add up, and every dollar saved goes directly to your bottom line.

Adopting Commercial Solar Boosts Public Relations

Using solar power means that your business will consume less fossil fuel, resulting in a reduction in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether environmental factors interest you or not, the chances are good that they do interest many of your customers. And for those customers who aren’t particularly interested in “green” issues either, you still look like a hero for establishing energy independence and saving your company that other kind of green: money.

A photovoltaic system installation is a powerful marketing and public relations tool. It gives you a great reason to send out press releases and grab a bit of that free media market share that gives other businesses a PR bump every day.

Have you considered installing a solar energy system for your business? It may be time to explore your options. Intermountain Wind & Solar serves businesses throughout the Intermountain West that are interested in solar. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from adopting commercial solar energy.

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