The Top 5 Ways Commercial Solar Panels Benefit Business

Commercial solar panels can offer your business many significant benefits, especially if you own a company in the sun-drenched Intermountain West. This is especially valuable information if you aren’t yet familiar with alternative energy generating systems, or if you aren’t sure whether solar energy is a worthwhile investment for your business. Before you make a decision, read on for the top five benefits you can look forward to once your solar panels are installed.

1. Save Money

One of the best reasons to go solar is to save money, and that’s why so many business owners have done so. If sales are down and you need a way to make up the lost revenue, cutting costs on your electricity bills may be just what you need. Even if business is great right now, the savings on your company's power needs can be re-invested to help the business grow.

2. Receive Tax Benefits

The federal government allows you a tax credit equal to 30% of the total amount spent to purchase and install a solar system. Combine that with state and local incentives and rebates, and you can substantially reduce the cost of your solar unit.

3. Improve Your Building’s Value

When you have solar panels installed, you don’t just save on your monthly bills, you also have the potential to make more money in the future as a result, all because solar panels increase the value of any property. So if you own your commercial building, putting panels on the roof is a great investment in your future.

4. Generate Good Press

Going solar is a great reason to send out a press release and get your company in the news. And while you wait for websites, newspapers or television newscasts to mention that your business has gone solar, you can let the public know via social media. And who can argue with free publicity?

5. Display Corporate Responsibility

Many people believe that major companies need to lead the way when it comes to sustainability. Whether you have touted your business as eco-friendly or not, you will reap the benefits when people notice that you are now using solar power. This move can help set you apart from any competitors that have not yet gone solar.

No matter what kind of business you own, PV solar power can clearly help you in many ways. If you want to start seeing the business benefits firsthand, contact Intermountain Wind and Solar. Providing residential and commercial solar panel installation in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada, they will be happy to explain all of the potential benefits you can realize from commercial solar panels.

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