What if a Rooftop Solar Array Isn’t an Option?

When you picture yourself going solar, thoughts of installing a rooftop solar array likely spring to mind. And, in most cases, that’s a cost-effective approach.

However, due to shade or structural concerns, your rooftop may not be well-suited for solar panels. And, if you live in a planned community, subdivision or townhome development, your homeowners’ association might be against the idea of rooftop placement for a photovoltaic system.

What then? Is installing a rooftop solar array impossible? Fortunately, you have other options.

Install Rooftop Solar Panels on an Alternate Structure

If the rooftop of your home isn’t right for a photovoltaic system, or if your HOA won’t allow the installation, you could install solar panels on the roof of another structure on your property.

A solidly-constructed garage, carport, shed, barn or patio cover can support a solar array, and as long as the structure is in a sunny spot, it can produce enough power to meet your home energy needs. Don’t have a suitable structure? Build one.

Install a Ground-Mounted Solar Array

Building a shed, carport or other structure doesn’t always make sense. If you don’t want the added expense, you could install a ground-mounted photovoltaic system.

Mounting your solar panels at ground level can be as cost-effective as installing a photovoltaic system on the rooftop. And, since the array can be placed at the perfect angle and orientation for harnessing the sunlight, you can count on optimal energy output.

Invest in a Portable Photovoltaic System

If installing a photovoltaic system on an alternate rooftop or at ground level aren’t options for your property – or if you’re a renter – consider investing in a portable system.

Since mobile solar panels stand on their own and can be easily moved at any time, they can work for anyone. A range of options are available, and a large array with batteries for energy storage – and, perhaps, a generator to provide a backup source of power – can supply enough electricity for your household.

Are you ready to determine whether a rooftop solar array will work for your location? For expert advice and assistance in exploring all of your photovoltaic system options, turn to the professional team at Intermountain Wind & Solar.

A leader among Intermountain West photovoltaic providers for over a decade, Intermountain Wind & Solar offers expert-level residential and commercial PV installation at a cost-effective price. With us, going solar in Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Wyoming or Oregon is easy – we’ll handle every detail, providing you with an exceptional experience.

For a free, no-pressure consultation to discuss rooftop solar array installation, contact Intermountain Wind & Solar today.

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