What Type of PV Solar Power System Is Right for You?

A PV solar power system is a sound, long-term investment.

In fact, many homeowners save tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetimes of their photovoltaic systems. But the initial financial outlay makes adopting solar power a significant investment that requires careful planning and consideration.

Before you begin the solar installation process, start by determining which type of solar energy system will best suit your needs.

For True Energy Independence, Consider Off-Grid PV Solar Power

Do you dream of being free from exorbitant monthly electric bills? Do you want to protect your family from the growing instability of the municipal power grid?

If you’d like to completely cut your ties with — and dependence on — the utility company, off-grid solar power is the ideal solution.

Installing an off-grid system will cost a bit more than a grid-connected photovoltaic system because some additional equipment is required. If the sun is your only source of power, you’ll need a battery backup system to store electricity for use at night and on cloudy days.

Because you will be generating free power, however, your savings will add up more quickly than if you remain tied to the grid.

Perhaps even more important, an off-grid solar power system gives you the true energy independence you seek. You’ll always have electricity, but you’ll no longer be at the mercy of utility company terms and rate increases.

For Energy Stability & Lower Bills, Grid-Tied PV Solar Energy Is for You

If you want to lower or eliminate your electricity bills but still have a stable and secure source of power, a grid-tied photovoltaic system makes sense.

Grid-tied means that your home stays connected to the local power utility supply.

When the sun is shining, the photovoltaic panels will provide your home with power. And if your solar array produces more energy than you need, the excess will flow back onto the grid for use by other customers. In most locations, the utility company will provide you with net metering credits on your power bill, essentially paying you for the electricity you generate.

With grid-tied PV solar power, the utility connection is there to make sure that you always have a dependable source of electricity, regardless of whether the sun is out.

Always on the Go? Invest in a Mobile PV Solar Power System

Do you rent your home? Or do you spend a lot of time on the road, in your RV or motorhome? Or perhaps you live in a remote location. If so, a mobile solar energy system could be the right choice for you.

A wide range of mobile solar power options is available. You could choose one that’s sized to charge and power a few small devices. Or you can design your own portable trailer that can provide much more electricity. In fact, these mobile PV solutions can be sized to power your home appliances, lighting and more.

Portable photovoltaic systems can be placed anywhere in the sun, and they can be taken anywhere you can go. And if you decide to move or travel, your free source of electricity can come with you.

Intermountain Wind & Solar is the premier provider and installer of photovoltaic solutions in the Intermountain West. We serve residential and commercial solar customers in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Nevada. Contact us today for personalized assistance in determining the best solar power options for you.

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